Beabadoobee: A Coming-of-Age Story Through Music

Photo Credit: Jordan Curtis Hughes

Since coming onto the music scene two years ago, the young creative Beabadoobee has gained the attention of fans across the globe. On June 3, 2000, Beatrice Laus was born in Ioilo City, Philippines. When she was three-years-old, her family moved to London. Inspired by her family origins, Beatrice listened to the traditional music of the Philippines known as Pinoy. As she grew up, her music interest turned to rock and indie bands throughout the genre. Around the age of ten-years-old, Beatrice started learning how to play the violin. At 17-years-old, Beatrice got a guitar and channeled her expression through the instrument.

In September 2017, Beatrice was inspired to release an original song, “Coffee.” The original track was also released with a cover song of “The Moon Song” by Karen O. “Coffee” attracted hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. Based on a gentle rhythm, the soothing song caught the ears of listeners all over the Internet. The track caught the attention of several music labels and in April 2018, Beabadoobee signed to the independent label, Dirty Hit Records.

On February 28, 2018, Beabadoobee released her debut EP, Lice. The four tracks on the album come together in a bedroom pop sort-of way. The softness of Beabadoobee’s voice combined with the jams of her guitar creates a plush sound for listeners. Beabadoobee followed up with her second EP, Patched Up on December 7, 2018. The seven-track EP consists of songs of sadness with a coming-to-age perspective. Certain songs speak to recognizing that old habits don’t have room in the artist’s adult life.

With a growing fan base, Beabadoobee released her third EP, Loveworm on April 26, 2019. This short EP brings more of the bedroom pop that listeners loved before. Beabadoobee brings out concepts that are heavier than bubbly-happiness. The clear-cutting vocals of Beabadeeboo cut through most of her tracks like her song “Ceilings” off of the EP. An acoustic version of the album was released several months later as Loveworm (Bedroom Sessions).

October 14, 2019, saw the release of her fourth EP Space Cadet. This EP is a great combination of pop meets punk. In five tracks, Beabadoobee begins to take steps to change her sonic rhythm by adding more grunge to her sound. The indie sound of her music stands out, especially in songs like “She Plays Bass.” The heavier grunge of the project seems to come from Beabadeeboo feeling misunderstood. The Canadian rapper Powerfu released “Death Bed (Coffee for Your Head)” which sampled Beabadoobee’s “Coffee.” The track reached a new group of listeners on the social media platform TikTok and this inadvertently drew new listeners to Bea.

Fake It Flowers is Beabadoobee’s debut full-length album consisting of 12-tracks. The atmospheric tracks on the album reflect on the ups and downs of relationships. The album has rhythms of alternative rock with pop-heavy choruses. From the softness of “Further Away” to the production of “Care”, Beabadoobee shows off an authentic and vulnerable side of herself. In an era of post-breakup, Beabadoobee provides a time-specific feeling crafted for people that have grown after the chaos. Even though Beabadoobee is fairly new to the music industry, she has garnered an audience of fans looking for more of her style of music. Listeners can rest assured that this is only the beginning of Beabadoobee’s journey in music, and at this rate, she is on the brink of becoming a major figure in reviving the alternative sound of the ’90s.

Written by: Carlton Rolle

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