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Crazy & The Brains: A Taste of the Fast Life

Photo Credit: Vulture Culture Photography Sometimes a band’s sound gets inextricably linked to where they hail from, whether they wish it to or not. X made the soundtrack for any down-and-outer in Los Angeles county. Outkast is Atlanta to the core, and despite the fake English accent, the Ramones always sounded like you just crossed… Read more

Girlfriends – ‘(e)motion sickness’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Matty Vogel Girlfriends is a musical group composed of Nick Gross, co-owner of Big Noise Records, and solo artist Travis Mills, both of whom are veterans of the MySpace musical period. Upon the death of a good friend and collaborator Lil Peep, Travis Mills made the decision to channel the grief he felt… Read more

Stand Atlantic – ‘F.E.A.R.’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Press Australia seems to have got it recently. From Amyl and the Sniffers to The Chats, Australia has been producing acts with a 21st-century punk rock sound. Stand Atlantic takes its rightful place among Australia’s punk pantheon with their newest album F.E.A.R. Stand Atlantic (initially known as What It’s Worth) was formed in 2012… Read more

State Champs – ‘Kings Of The New Age’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Alex McDonell Having led the early 2010s pop-punk revival, Kings Of The New Age is the first State Champs album released since the genre’s mainstream resurgence; which has been led by artists like Machine Gun Kelly, Olivia Rodrigo, and Gayle. Though this current moment offers the New York quintet an opportunity to reach new levels… Read more

Simple Plan – ‘Harder Than It Looks’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Jordan Kelsey Knight Harder Than It Looks is veteran Canadian emo rockers Simple Plan’s first new album of all-new material in six years (it follows 2016’s Taking One for the Team, which in turn was their first new album in five years), and starts with what’s probably the shortest musical psych-out in recent memory: there’s a brief… Read more

MMM Top Ten: 10 Alternative Rock Bands You Should be Listening to in 2022

Mark Josephson, Executive Director of the New Music Seminar said back in 1988 that “alternative music has real strength, real quality, real excitement, and it has to be socially significant, as opposed to Whitney Houston, which is pablum.” That’s a great explanation of what started during the late-‘70s to early-‘80s as college radio features like Dead Kennedys… Read more

Said the Sky – ‘Sentiment’ Album Review

Photo Credit: EMP Media/Halfheart Media Though you wouldn’t guess it from a casual listen, there’s something remarkably ambitious about the second album of Said The Sky – the musical project of Coloradan Trevor Christensen. Like the best albums of our time – take Fetch The Bolt Cutters and Sometimes I Might Be Introvert, for two recent examples – Sentiment attempts… Read more

Avril Lavigne – ‘Love Sux’ Album Review

Photo Credit: DTA Records While Avril Lavigne’s new single unmistakably sounds like one of hers in nearly every way – the angsty-but-somehow cute vocals, punk-with-a-pop-hook melody, and even the title (“Bite Me”), it also contains one of the most confounding and funny lyrics in a rock radio hit in quite some time. “Hey you, you should… Read more

As It Is – ‘I WENT TO HELL AND BACK’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Photo via asitisofficial.com Pop-punk’s resurgence in popularity during the pandemic is one of the more interesting musical trends to have taken place in recent years. It speaks to a few things: chiefly our collective unease and angst, as well as our nostalgia for the not-too-distant past. The genre’s resurgence has seen icons of… Read more


Photo Credit: Dan Cunniff Eight minutes into Boston Manor’s new EP called DESPERATE TIMES DESPERATE PLEASURES and it starts to feel like it’s dragging on. Like if it would have been going on for maybe twenty minutes. When this phenomenon occurs in music it usually comes down to the same issue: the songs are too similar to… Read more