Pop Punk

Sleeping With Sirens – ‘Complete Collapse’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Ashley Osborn When future music history books cover the current revival of pop-punk and pop-rock, the lion’s share of credit will likely go to artists like Machine Gun Kelly, Olivia Rodrigo, and Willow – all of whom have found surprising chart success with their respective forays into the genre this decade. But perhaps… Read more

The Wonder Years – ‘The Hum Goes on Forever’

Photo Credit: Kelly Mason Reading Dan Campbell’s lyrics is often like reading a first-person novel. Opening his songs with lines like, “Justin and I have got the windows down // the AC is busted, it’s hotter than hell,” “It’s newly summer, and Tony Bourdain died,” “It’s already June // the light paints you pink,” and… Read more

Blackbear – ‘In Loving Memory’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Emily Carter One of the worst phenomena in recent musical history is the wave of young artists reviving the sound of 2000s pop-punk, without any of the genre’s original charm, authenticity, or impressive musicality. Matthew Musto – professionally known as Blackbear – has been derided as one of the worst culprits of this;… Read more

Demi Lovato – ‘HOLY FVCK’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Demi Lovato via Instagram At first glance, Demi Lovato’s new rock era could seem like a gimmick – the blasphemous album title, the all-caps typeface, and of course the album cover itself; which sees Lovato sporting a pixie cut while posing in bondage on a crucifix-shaped mattress. But to those familiar with Lovato’s history,… Read more

Pale Waves – ‘Unwanted’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Pip Upon hearing the song “Lies,” some listeners might at first think that their ears are lying to them, and that they’re not in fact listening to the opening cut from Pale Waves’ third album Unwanted, but rather to veteran pop punk princess Avril Lavigne. Indeed the similarity – of both the musical… Read more

Crazy & The Brains: A Taste of the Fast Life

Photo Credit: Vulture Culture Photography Sometimes a band’s sound gets inextricably linked to where they hail from, whether they wish it to or not. X made the soundtrack for any down-and-outer in Los Angeles county. Outkast is Atlanta to the core, and despite the fake English accent, the Ramones always sounded like you just crossed… Read more

Girlfriends – ‘(e)motion sickness’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Matty Vogel Girlfriends is a musical group composed of Nick Gross, co-owner of Big Noise Records, and solo artist Travis Mills, both of whom are veterans of the MySpace musical period. Upon the death of a good friend and collaborator Lil Peep, Travis Mills made the decision to channel the grief he felt… Read more

Stand Atlantic – ‘F.E.A.R.’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Press Australia seems to have got it recently. From Amyl and the Sniffers to The Chats, Australia has been producing acts with a 21st-century punk rock sound. Stand Atlantic takes its rightful place among Australia’s punk pantheon with their newest album F.E.A.R. Stand Atlantic (initially known as What It’s Worth) was formed in 2012… Read more

State Champs – ‘Kings Of The New Age’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Alex McDonell Having led the early 2010s pop-punk revival, Kings Of The New Age is the first State Champs album released since the genre’s mainstream resurgence; which has been led by artists like Machine Gun Kelly, Olivia Rodrigo, and Gayle. Though this current moment offers the New York quintet an opportunity to reach new levels… Read more

Simple Plan – ‘Harder Than It Looks’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Jordan Kelsey Knight Harder Than It Looks is veteran Canadian emo rockers Simple Plan’s first new album of all-new material in six years (it follows 2016’s Taking One for the Team, which in turn was their first new album in five years), and starts with what’s probably the shortest musical psych-out in recent memory: there’s a brief… Read more