The Team

Meet The Music Matters Media Team

Lisa Holahan 

Founder & CEO, Editor-in-Chief, and Podcast Host 

Lisa H.

To hear everything you need to know about Lisa Holahan and Music Matters Media please listen here: What Is Music Matters Media & Why Should You Care? 

Erick Garcia

Co-host of The Music Matters Media Podcast

Erick Garcia

Erick Garcia is the co-host of the Music Matters Media podcast. He is originally from Long Beach, California but has lived most of his life in Long Island, New York. Erick is extremely passionate about music because it is something that has always been in his life in some way, shape, or form ever since he can remember. Whether it was listening to what the radio had to offer as a child to playing with toy instruments, music has always been with him. Some of the genres of music that Erick holds near and dear to his heart include but are not limited to: rock (and most of its subgenres), blues, jazz, R&B, hip hop, synth-based music, and some Latin music just to name a few. However, he always tries to keep an open mind about what other artists and genres are out there that he could potentially become a fan of. This is one of the two big reasons why Erick enjoys being the co-host of the podcast. It exposes him to other artists that maybe he’s heard of but has never thought of listening to and, of course, it allows him to discover new, underground artists. The other big reason why Erick enjoys being the co-host of this podcast is that he gets to talk about one of his favorite topics in the whole world with someone else who is just as passionate about music as he is! If you’re reading this, thank you for taking the time for wanting to get to know a little bit more about Erick, but even more importantly than that, thank you for listening to Lisa and Erick!

Tom Williams

Writer for Music Matters Media

Tom Williams is a music blogger and freelance writer originally from Wales, UK. He began writing about music during quarantine on his ‘Rave Reviews’ blog and then he began looking for more platforms to share his thoughts about music on. He has an eclectic taste in music but has always gravitated towards indie-rock music in particular. His favorite artists and bands include Fiona Apple, Japanese Breakfast, Liz Phair, Lucinda Williams, and Lana Del Rey. He loves writing because it allows him to express his passion for music and has helped him discover countless great artists he wouldn’t have otherwise been aware of! Click features and reviews to read some of his articles!

Darnell “Digo” McGee

Writer for Music Matters Media

Darnell “Digo” McGee has had an outstanding career as a music journalist and as an accomplished musician who resides in New York City. He served as host and executive producer of ‘Rise Up Radio’, a 99.5 FM WBAI progressive and well-received show, where I interviewed some of history’s most influential people and learned a wealth of information from some of society’s brilliant educators. The show simultaneously provided a platform for youth advocacy and the dissemination of information about trendsetters related to music and style. As a writer, he has been on staff with, the blog of Power 105.1 FM’s own Cherry Martinez, and contributed to Parle Magazine, The Grio, and His essay “To Be Young and Black In The Village” was published in New York Times’ Bestselling author Susan Shapiro’s book “The Byline Bible.” Darnell “Digo” McGee’s music taste focuses heavily on his love of hip-hop. Click features and reviews to read some of his articles!

Douglas Dahlström

Writer for Music Matters Media

Residing in Homestead in the small university city of Lund in southern Sweden close to the Danish border, 23-year-old Douglas Dahlström has been passionate about music for as long as he can remember, learning how to play the guitar at ten. Inspired by the great “dean of rock music criticism” Robert Christgau and his media & communication studies at university, he would soon fuse his love for music with his passion for writing, eventually founding an Instagram blog named @onsounds_magazine back in 2019, which is nowadays reaching beyond 1000 followers. As a freelance journalist, he has been writing articles for various blogs and magazines, including and Hummingbird Magazine, as well as working with Musosoup to acknowledge upcoming promising artists. He appreciates just about any genre as long as there is a great hook somewhere to hold on to. Including his trio of Dua Lipa, Fiona Apple, and the Band, which probably made up one of the weirdest most-listened artists-of-the-year wrap-ups on Spotify last year. Click features and reviews to read some of his articles!

Darby VanDeVeen

Writer for Music Matters Media

Darby VanDeVeen is a born and raised Jersey girl and a current senior at The College of New Jersey who recently ventured into the world of music journalism. Having spent so many years listening to and talking about music, she’s very excited to dip her toes into writing about it as well. During the summer of 2020, she started her own music blog, Beat Critiques, and was ecstatic to receive an offer from Music Matters Media to do some freelance writing for them as well! Having been exposed to many different types of music throughout her life, Darby has found that pop and alternative music resonates the most with her. Even though she’s always on the lookout for new bands/artists, some of her favorites include Taylor Swift, Bleachers, Halsey, Virginia to Vegas, the 1975, lovelytheband, and Fitz and the Tantrums. When not writing or listening to music, Darby can be found watching Jeopardy reruns, taking photos, and drinking iced tea! Click features and reviews to read some of her articles!

Richard John Cummins

Writer for Music Matters Media

Richard John Cummins is a veteran contributor to such music publications as Hit Parader, B-Side, Magnet and Blues Review as well as a former columnist for The Musicians’ Exchange. While his musical tastes have always been diverse, his absolute favorites include Genesis (all eras), the Replacements, the Who, and Juliana Hatfield. In 2016 Cummins co-authored Bob Perlow’s show business memoir The Warmup Guy and in 2018 his book Name, Rank, Rock & Roll: Famous Musicians Who Served in the Military was published by New Haven. He and the book’s other author, Robin Eisgrau, also comprise the NYC-based indie rock duo Soon, in which Cummins plays several instruments. Click features and reviews to read some of his articles!