Pale Waves: Loving Them is Easy and Here’s Why

Photography: Jordan Curtis Hughes

Pale Waves are an Indie pop group from Manchester, England. The band is composed of four members, Heather Baron-Gracie, Ciara Doran, Hugo Silvani, and Charlie Wood. Heather met Ciara while they were in college and decided to make music together. Heather was the lead singer and guitarist and Ciara was the drummer. After a college event, the other two members joined the band. However, those members eventually dropped and two more members joined, Charlie joined as a bass player and Hugo as the second guitarist.

Early demos recorded by the group caught the attention of the British independent record label, Dirty Hit. In 2017 the band signed to the label and produced music, Pale Waves then released “There’s a Honey” as their first single. The song was followed up with the release of “Television Romance.” In February of 2018 Pale Waves released their debut EP titled All the Things I Never Said. The EP features four songs from the band with a melancholy, ‘80s kind of feel to it. “New Year’s Eve” is a perfect example of a relatable sad song while “The Tide” and “My Obsession” are songs that reflect the desire for love and belonging.

Pales Waves released their debut album My Mind Makes Noises on September 14, 2018. With 14-tracks, Pale Waves provided fans with a darker more vulnerable side of the band. Throughout the album listeners hear songs of heartache, breakups, and fleeting make-ups. Lead single, “There’s a Honey” caught the ears of lovers of synth-pop with its message of wanting to be desired by someone that isn’t interested. Other songs like “Noises” reflect on coming to an understanding of self worth and setting boundaries. My Mind Makes Noises is Pale Waves’ version of love going wrong.

In January 2020, the band teamed with singer Lawrence Rothman on the single “SkinDeepSkyHighHeartWide.” The new single got fans excited to hear new music from Pale Waves. On February 12, 2021 Pale Waves released their second studio album titled Who Am I? and brought back sounds of early 2000s rock to the album in 11-tracks. “Change” is the lead single and a defining song of the album. With a message of self-love and denial, it’s easy to feel the passion. “She’s My Religion” is an ode to LBGTQ+ love and sexuality. Pale Waves has taken another progressive step towards creating music that a more wide variety of people can relate to.

Since their entry into the music scene, Pale Waves have been making catchy and quality music that fans across the globe can listen to. With each opportunity they’ve had from signing to a label, to touring with well-known bands, Pale Waves has shown music listeners that they are in it for the long haul. Bringing vulnerability to the forefront with the intent to make fans and listeners feel seen and heard, Pale Waves is officially crashing the party with nostalgic, synth-pop songs.

Written by: Carlton Rolle

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