Kaytraminé – ‘KAYTRAMINÉ’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Lucas Creighton

Kaytranada has done it again with his latest project, teaming up with MC Aminé to create a truly delightful album, Kaytraminé. The record features 11 tracks, each one thoughtfully crafted with the perfect blend of Kaytranada’s upbeat, funky production and Aminé’s smooth, nimble vocals. From start to finish, this album is a joy to listen to, filled with infectious rhythms and bright melodies that are sure to get your body moving.

One of the most impressive elements of Kaytraminé is the high-profile collaborations that can be found throughout the album. Pharrell’s silky-smooth vocals grace the standout track “4EVA,” while Snoop Dogg spits unmatched on the synth-laden “Eye.” These features perfectly complement the instrumental bounce and Aminé’s impressive delivery, creating a tapestry of sound that is both intricate and effortless. Even when the duo is producing alone, the results are equally compelling. Aminé’s meandering R&B vocals on “Rebuke” are a perfect match for the jazzy undertones, while his baritone verses on “Westside” expertly flow over the trap bass.

One of the most striking aspects of the album is how short the tracks are. With songs running at under three minutes, it’s easy to mistake Kaytraminé for a mixtape rather than a fully realized album. However, this brevity serves to highlight the duo’s agility, showcasing their ability to create concise, impactful compositions that don’t waste a single moment. Each track is carefully crafted with the perfect balance of melody and beat, keeping things fresh and exciting from start to finish. With expert precision, every note, chord, and rhythm on each track is meticulously arranged to achieve such a pleasing listening experience. The melodic elements seamlessly blend with the beat, creating a harmonious and dynamic sound that captivates the listener’s attention. The precision in the composition of each song ensures that there are no dull moments, grabbing the audience’s attention right from the opening note and keeping them immersed until the final 808.

The production on Kaytraminé is exceptional, with Kaytranada’s trademark funk-forward house music providing the perfect foundation for Aminé’s vocals. The rhythms are infectious, and the melodies are bright, creating a sound that is impossible not to groove along to. From the Afrobeat-inspired beat of “4EVA” to the trap-infused bass of “Westside,” every track is a testament to Kaytranada’s talent as a producer.

Aminé’s lyrics and delivery are equally impressive, adding depth and nuance to the already rich instrumentation. He effortlessly switches between R&B vocals and baritone verses, deftly exploring the nuances of each track. Whether he’s spitting fire on “Eye” or soaring over the jazz references of “Rebuke,” Aminé’s vocals are a perfect match for the infectious beats provided by Kaytranada.

Overall, Kaytraminé is an excellent album that is sure to please both fans of Kaytranada and Aminé alike. The collaboration between these two artists is a match made in heaven, with each complementing the other’s strengths to create something truly special. From the infectious rhythms to the fun-loving lyrics, this album is a celebration of music in all its forms. If you’re looking for something that is sure to put a smile on your face and get your body moving, then look no further than Kaytraminé.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Written by: Jaylan Brooks

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