Doja Cat – ‘Scarlet’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Jacob Webster Amala “Doja Cat” Dlamini has had the sort of career that could have only unfolded in our current “Very Online” era. Her big breakthrough arrived via the self-published “Mooo!” – a rap number, which was accompanied by a music video of Doja in cow pajamas, and which includes the line, “B*tch,… Read more

Diddy – ‘The Love Album: Off the Grid’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Steven Gomillion To many Gen-Z members, and even millennials, Diddy/Puff Daddy is largely regarded as a legacy act – known primarily for his 1997 collaboration with Faith Evans, “I’ll Be Missing You.” This perhaps explains why the New York icon recruited some of pop, R&B, and hip-hop’s biggest stars to feature on his… Read more

Quavo – ‘Rocket Power’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Quavo via Motown Records Quavo’s latest, and first solo album in over 5 years, Rocket Power, is a poignant and heartfelt tribute to his late nephew, Takeoff. As one-third of the renowned hip-hop trio Migos, Quavo is no stranger to the music industry’s limelight. However, Rocket Power reveals a different facet of his… Read more

Travis Scott – ‘UTOPIA’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Kristina Nagel Travis Scott’s new album UTOPIA is an interesting addition to his discography, but it falls short of the high expectations set by his previous work. UTOPIA features notable collaborations with artists like Beyoncé, Drake, and The Weeknd, which adds star power to the album and showcases Travis Scott’s ability to bring… Read more

Nas – ‘Magic 2’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Obidigbo Nzeribe The agreement that Nas’ Illmatic – which will turn 30 next year – is a classic unites almost all hip-hop fans. To so many, it represents the pinnacle of ’90s rap music – a heartfelt, intelligent, and conscious boom-bap record that crowned a 20-year-old an instant legend of his genre. But opinions… Read more

Ice Spice – ‘Like…?’ (Deluxe) EP Review

Photo Credit: Edwig Henson Ice Spice’s EP Like…?, the deluxe edition, is a fantastic addition to her discography, featuring four new tracks that showcase her growth as an artist. The EP has received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, with many praising the quality of the new tracks. Like…?, starts with the previously released… Read more

Lil Uzi Vert – ‘Pink Tape’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Live Nation Pink Tape showcases Lil Uzi Vert’s undeniable talent in crafting infectious melodies and seamlessly blending genres. While the album does explore some ventures into rock, it falls short of offering something truly groundbreaking compared to Uzi’s previous releases. Unfortunately, this lack of artistic evolution, combined with an unnecessarily long tracklist, hinders… Read more

Young Thug – ‘Business Is Business’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Andrew Toth Young Thug’s latest release Business Is Business disappointingly falls flat, failing to capture the anticipated bite and intrigue from an artist returning from a year-long incarceration. The album’s eclectic nature gives the impression of a farewell album, with Thug’s performance feeling strictly business and considerably diminished. The album only manages to… Read more

Gunna – ‘a Gift & a Curse’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Spike Jordan Gunna’s latest album, a Gift & a Curse, showcases a vulnerable side of the artist as he delves into the emotional toll of the various situations he has been through. From the doubts instilled by his peers to the transgressions he’s committed to succeed, Gunna reflects on these experiences with sincerity…. Read more

Coi Leray – ‘COI’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Munachi Osegbu Coi Leray’s self-titled sophomore album, COI, oozes with questionable vibes but still manages to leave listeners hopeful for her future in the music industry. While Leray’s talent shines through the project, the execution feels lacking at times. One of these lacking aspects of COI is the production. While spirited, the beats… Read more