Elderbrook: Expanding EDM Through His Versatility

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Elderbrook, also known as Alexander Kotz, caught the attention of music listeners with the release of his 2015 hit, “How Many Times.” The song ranked in several music charts across the globe. Elderbrook has merged his trained musical skills with his fondness for unique sound samples to create his music. Alexander has been in music since he was 16-years-old. During that time, he got involved in a band that made folk acoustic music. While in college, his taste in music began to shift by an interest in electronic music. Alexander is classically trained in piano and the guitar. Once he started creating music, his inspiration came from the sampling sounds he came across.

After college, Alexander released his EP, Could. The EP consisted of three tracks, “Could”, “Rewinding”, and “How Many Times.” With success on the streaming platform SoundCloud, Elderbrook partnered with German duo Andhim. The duo remixed “How Many Times” and opened the doors for Elderbrook to a wider audience. He released a second EP, Travel Slow. Like the earlier release, this EP also contained three tracks, “Be There Soon”, “Good Enough”, and “Travel Slow.” Inspired by working with Andhim, Elderbrook began remixing tracks from other artists. His version of “Take Me to a Place” by Pablo Nouvelle is the one that gained the most attention. Elderbrook started touring with Gorgon City in 2016. This carried over into the collaborative release of “Smile.” To finish off 2016 Elderbrook released the remix of Clean Bandit’s “Rockabye.”

Elderbrook collaborated with electronic duo CamelPhat to produce “Cola.” The song became an international success streaming on many electronic dance music playlists. By the end of the following year, the song had reached Billboard music charts. It also opened the doors for Elderbrook to work with other artists and experiment more with his sound.

His next release titled Talking has seven songs on the EP. Throughout the EP, listeners can experience the multi-talented work of this artist. “Woman” is one of the songs that exemplifies Elderbrook’s use of unusual sound samples. Combined with his styled vocals and message, the song connected with a lot of listeners. Other songs like “Put It Down” or “Let Go” adds a heavier almost soulful feel to the EP, but still keeps a distinct sound to the artist.

Old Friend was released December 2018. The four track EP features Elderbrook displaying more of his vocals and vocal skill. Old Friend brings the tracks together to tell a short story about where the artist was emotionally at during the time its release. “Bird Song” was co-written by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Tracks off the EP have been streamed over 10 million times and counting. In 2019 Elderbrook made a feature appearance on “Something About You” by Rudimental. The song combines Rudimental’s drum and bass style with Elderbrook’s vocals.

Elderbrook released his debut album titled Why Do We Shake in the Cold on September 18th 2020. Singles from his debut album included “Something About You”, “Numb”, “My House”, “Why Do We Shake in the Cold?” and “Back to My Bed.” The London based artist is creating a music that fans know is distinctly “Elderbrook’s style” of EDM. Playing multiple instruments, writing, singing, and producing his music, Elderbrook has crafted music that speaks to people’s musical taste across the globe. With a growing list of hot electronic songs, listeners can expect to hear more news from this growing EDM star.

Written by: Carlton Rolle

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