Black Honey – ‘Written & Directed’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Laura Allard Fleischl Released back in March, Brighton, England band Black Honey’s second album Written & Directed housed (for starters) what could only have been one of 2021’s best rock tracks, “Run for Cover.” Tight, kinetic, and to-the-point, the fuzzed-out guitar sounds recall the long-lost subgenre once known as psychobilly. Between the verse and chorus,… Read more

Elderbrook: Expanding EDM Through His Versatility

Photo Credit: Big Beat Press Elderbrook, also known as Alexander Kotz, caught the attention of music listeners with the release of his 2015 hit, “How Many Times.” The song ranked in several music charts across the globe. Elderbrook has merged his trained musical skills with his fondness for unique sound samples to create his music…. Read more