ROLE MODEL: Oh, How Perfectly Imperfect

role-model-Photo Credit: Clare Gillen

Tucker Pillsbury uses his voice as a means to express issues he has faced. With the combined efforts of quality production and heart-felt lyrics, ROLE MODEL jumps into issues such as relationships, self-doubt, and depression. From Portland, Maine, Tucker adopted his stage name from Paul Rudd’s part in Role Models. Originally wanting to work in the film industry, Tucker found a love for music that completely changed his aspirations.

During his freshman year in college, Tucker met friends that recorded themselves rapping. Motivated by their work, Tucker began learning how to record himself. Empowered by his creations, Tucker changed his major to focus on music and took classes about literature to improve his rapping skills. Several of the mixtapes he created were uploaded online but then he later removed them.

ROLE MODEL reflects on the ability to be honest. Inspired by a rough time in his life, ROLE MODEL turned unpleasant feelings into motivational anthems. In a 2017 skiing trip, Tucker was injured and mentally suffered from the accident. Not being able to do anything while healing caused Tucker to fall into depression. After healing, he had two more injuries that slowed his life down.


During the ordeal, Tucker started writing about what he felt. The newly-turned diary became the framework for his musical project. Arizona in the Summer is a five-track EP filled with layered melodies and heartfelt lyrics. This is the first official project released by the artist. ROLE MODEL places the emotional emphasis on the mindset he had to get out of his depression. In his hit song “I don’t rly like u”, ROLE MODEL sings about his feelings in a toxic relationship. The singer-songwriter brings simplicity and atmosphere to his music.

On November 13, 2019, ROLE MODEL released the EP oh, how perfect. Throughout the six-track EP, the artist tells listeners about his emotions and sexual activities. Each song provides insight into ROLE MODEL’s thoughts on love. In his song “Notice Me” featuring BENEE, ROLE MODEL reflects on his feelings of being recognized by someone. The directness and passion behind the lyrics add to the feelings that he deals with. Much like other tracks by ROLE MODEL, the songs feel like cries of remembering pain.

With clean production and a focus on the mood set by his voice, oh, how perfect is a great EP to listen to when you’re deep in your feelings. As a newcomer to the music industry, ROLE MODEL is using his musical platform to express his frustrations and dreams to the world. Acting as a dreamy guy, ROLE MODEL sings his melancholic heart to anyone that wants to listen.

Written By: Carlton Rolle

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