Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly

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Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly is a Netflix feature film that follows the rapper’s rise to stardom. The film was directed by White Trash Tyler and produced by David Stromberg, Angus Wall, and the man himself, Travis Scott. Look Mom I Can Fly backtracks the Houston rapper’s path to stardom from 2014 up to the release of his third album ASTROWORLD. The film gave watchers perspective into some of the events that led up to this point. Watchers delve into behind-the-scenes views of Scott in the studio, spending time with family, during concerts, and flashbacks to his past. Several fans also have the opportunity to speak about the rapper’s influence.

Released on August 3, 2018, ASTROWORLD’s 17-tracks featured guest vocals from Frank Ocean, Drake, 21 Savage, James Blake, and more. Recorded over a period of two-years, the album was constructed as a follow-up album to Scott’s second studio album Birds in the Trap sing Mcnight. While there is strong influence from the hip-hop genre, Scott brought psychedelic and trap sounds into ASTROWORLD. The album was met with critical acclaim, some believing it was the artist’s best work to date.

The organized chaos of a Travis Scott concert is something that has been talked about since he hit the scene. Look Mom I Can Fly spends time on the 2017 concert were Scott was arrested and charged for inciting a riot. Travis Scott shows that he keeps high energy on and off the stage. Fans of the artist will love the amount of visual access to events happening during the release of ASTROWORLD. People can watch intense moments that unravel for the musician from backstage access to family time. Residents of the artist’s hometown appreciate the flair even more and the fact that Scott works to put Houston on the map. Look Mom I Can Fly shows that Travis Scott isn’t the riot inciting, artist that he is made out to be.

Look Mom I Can Fly

Look Mom I Can Fly also catalogs the birth of his daughter Stormi with Kylie Jenner. These are some of the most emotional and heartfelt scenes in the film. Viewers also watch as Scott had a commemorative day in his hometown and in Houston, Texas. Scott shows his dedication to music and the fans that made him popular. His passion for more seems to be an important factor now that he is in the spotlight.

At less than 85-minutes, the film offers viewers a multitude of shots that add to the artistry that Travis Scott creates. Using childhood videos, live performances, family time as a dad, and more, the film brings an outlook into the highs and lows of the popular musician. With the added portion of the fans perspective, Look Mom I Can Fly shows how devoted Scott’s fan base truly is. This Netflix film acts as an extended look into his music career and the promotion of his third album ASTROWORLD. While made for fans of the artist, others can still watch the documentary and receive a bit of understanding about the musician while getting an inside look into music industry.

Written By: Carlton Rolle

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