Bryce Vine: A Rising Chart-Topping Star

BryceVinePhoto Credit: Lindsey Byrnes

Born as Bryce Ross-Johnson, Bryce Vine is sharing with the world his ideas on life and music. Known as a singer and rapper, this young artist is generating faithful fans with his good looks, personal charm, and smashing vocals. Bryce Vine was born in New York City to Tracey Ross and Brad Johnson. He moved with his mother to Los Angeles when he was one. Tracey scored a part on the popular soap opera of the time, Passions. Bryce spent a lot of time with his mother on set and began to develop a love for music. He experienced music through theatrical lenses. Bryce’s dad introduced him to different types of music from R&B to jazz. Music and creativity played a heavy role in Bryce’s upbringing.

When he was 13, Bryce got a guitar and it changed the way he saw himself. Empowered, he taught himself to play and begun writing lyrics. Experimenting with his creative sound, Bryce connected with other friends. As a teen, he was in a punk band called Goodsell with schoolmates performing in backyards and at parties. In 2011, Bryce sent in an audition for The Glee Project. This show became the host to actors and actresses in the hit series Glee. Bryce wasn’t selected as a finalist on the show, but it provided him with a greater sense of musical self.

While attending Berklee College of Music, Bryce sought to further his musical craft. Even though he was in a talented school, Bryce says he didn’t feel like he fit in. He tried working in various genres to discover what made him unique. At one point he put music on Myspace where he was contacted by a DJ who put him in connection with the rapper G-Eazy. Bryce then met Nolan Lambroza. They became good friends and started making music together. Eventually Bryce signed to Nolan’s label, Kiva House Lambroza. Bryce released his EP Lazy Fair on April 22, 2014. Using online streaming, the EP garnered close to 20 million plays. Many of those plays came from hit tracks like “Sour Patch Kids”. On his next release in March 21, 2016, Bryce released his second EP, Night Circus. Popular tracks include “Nowehere Man” and “Glamorama”.

Bryce Vine Credit: Lindsey Byrnes

In November 2017, Bryce released “Drew Berrymore”. Listeners heard the song and loved it! The independently released single elevated Bryce Vine to several rankings on the music charts. Bryce wrote the track as a sexy love song without focusing on how sexy the girl is. The music video has been viewed on YouTube 42 million times thus far. Empowered by new choices, options, and fans, Bryce had decisions to make. He signed to Sire Records and begun working on new material for his next project.

Finishing his first headline tour, Bryce is heading into a college tour and will play those throughout the rest of 2019. Bryce recently released another single “La La Land” featuring YG. This track romanticizes California culture and personifies the musical style of Bryce Vine. These two singles will be on Vine’s soon to be released debut album Carnival. Bryce has also mentioned his song “On The Ball” will be featured on the new album.

Bryce Vine’s music brings hip-hop and pop lovers together in ways that is working for him to become a standout in the music industry. He prides himself on being someone that others can connect to. Bryce is vocal about his thoughts on life, politics, and mental health. Whether spending time with his family, touring, or creating music, Bryce Vine is dedicated to being the best he can be. This breakout artist isn’t planning on leaving stardom any time soon.

Written By: Carlton Rolle

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