Blur – ‘The Ballad of Darren’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Reuben Bastienne-Lewis Long-running, off-and-on multi-platinum (in the U.K.) London Britpop band Blur returns with their first album of all-new material in eight years. Despite the title, The Ballad of Darren is not a concept album (longtime frontman Damon Albarn more than takes care of that approach with his other major project, the Gorillaz)…. Read more

Various Artists – ‘Barbie: The Album’ Soundtrack Review

Photo Credit: Warner Bros./Atlantic Records Barbie: The Album has undoubtedly become a highly anticipated event, with the unveiling of its star-studded lineup generating buzz for months. While some fans speculated about the involvement of big names like Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, and Taylor Swift, their absence was not to dampen the album’s allure. Instead, we… Read more

PVRIS – ‘EVERGREEN’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Matty Vogel Since their early hardcore days, Massachusetts trio-turned-solo-project PVRIS have pivoted further and further towards electro-pop and pop-rock – and though the album art for their fourth LP, Evergreen, may initially suggest otherwise, this newest offering presents a continuation of this trend. Of course, as PVRIS moves further into pop territory, the prospect… Read more

Rita Ora – ‘You & I’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Edward Cooke Rita Ora, the British singer, songwriter, and actress, is a vibrant and versatile talent in the entertainment industry. Known for her powerful vocals and energetic performances, she has achieved great success. With her strong work ethic and relentless ambition, Rita Ora continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Ora’s latest album, You &… Read more

Taylor Swift – ‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Beth Garrabrant Taylor Swift wrote her third album entirely on her own. This was partly a result of Swift getting her “best ideas at 3 am in Arkansas,” as she would tell Songwriter Universe, but it also served as a rebuttal to critics and other commentators who had previously doubted teenage Swift’s creative… Read more

Lil Uzi Vert – ‘Pink Tape’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Live Nation Pink Tape showcases Lil Uzi Vert’s undeniable talent in crafting infectious melodies and seamlessly blending genres. While the album does explore some ventures into rock, it falls short of offering something truly groundbreaking compared to Uzi’s previous releases. Unfortunately, this lack of artistic evolution, combined with an unnecessarily long tracklist, hinders… Read more

Young Thug – ‘Business Is Business’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Andrew Toth Young Thug’s latest release Business Is Business disappointingly falls flat, failing to capture the anticipated bite and intrigue from an artist returning from a year-long incarceration. The album’s eclectic nature gives the impression of a farewell album, with Thug’s performance feeling strictly business and considerably diminished. The album only manages to… Read more

Amanda Shires & Bobbie Nelson – ‘Loving You’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Joshua Black Wilkins Living until 91 years old, Bobbie Nelson spent 70 years performing music – most notably as part of her brother Willie’s family band. A new collaborative album with Amanda Shires marks the first time she’s had her name grace an album title. A collection of classic ballad covers – including… Read more

Gunna – ‘a Gift & a Curse’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Spike Jordan Gunna’s latest album, a Gift & a Curse, showcases a vulnerable side of the artist as he delves into the emotional toll of the various situations he has been through. From the doubts instilled by his peers to the transgressions he’s committed to succeed, Gunna reflects on these experiences with sincerity…. Read more