One Year of The Music Matters Media Podcast Featuring Special Guests – Episode 48

February 23rd officially marked our 1-year anniversary of the Music Matters Media podcast! For our anniversary episode, we wanted to briefly catch up with some of our previous guests to see what they have been up to since appearing on the podcast. Listen now to hear updates from indie-folk singer Conner Cherland, hip-hop artist B-Light, Marco Massini from SETPICK, Joshua Abramovitz from 4bar, Lou Peragine from All The Blink Things and The Warped Tour Band, graphic and web designer Natasha Gonzales and Jesse Maxwell from the Queens County Roots!

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Red Checker: Groovy Garage Rock Duo – Episode 47

Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah the garage rock duo Red Checker is bringing some energy into the music scene. The duo is comprised of Jack Vitek on drums and Brigham Pierpont also known as BP on guitar and vocals. Listen now as we talk to them about how they came up with the band name Red Checker, why they stand out amongst other great musical duos, and they discuss future plans for their debut album and a supporting tour.

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61st Grammy Awards: Nominees, Winners & Reactions – Episode 46

The 61st annual Grammy award show took place this past weekend and we have a lot to say about it! Listen as we discuss our favorite performances of the night, we react to the nominations and winners of each category and we talk about where the Grammy’s might be headed in the future.

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Aaron Labbé From The LUCID Project: The Connection Between Music & Mental Health – Episode 45

LUCID is driving innovation at the crossroads of mental health, machine learning, and music. The LUCID project is currently developing experiences in person and through a mobile app to help consumers and employers around the world better manage anxiety and stress. On today’s episode we chat with Aaron Labbé, the CEO, Artistic Director & Composer for LUCID. Listen as we discuss how the company and the creation of the app came to fruition, we talk about the in person installation experience, how to use the mobile app for Android or iPhone and how The LUCID Project hopes to provide people with a prescription of music.

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Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse The Soundtrack – Episode 44

With great power comes great responsibility…to post a new podcast episode each week. On today’s episode we dive into the movie, ‘Spider-man: Into The Spider-Verse’ as well as the soundtrack. Listen as we discuss why movie soundtracks are important, we talk about some of our favorite soundtracks from movies, and we pick our favorite songs from ‘Into The Spider-Verse’.

Farewell 2018: Listener Q&A – Episode 42

For our last episode of 2018 we took your questions from social media that were based on all things music and we answered them! Listen now to hear our thoughts on the most disappointing album of 2018, how we feel about certain genres of music and for our opinions about how much the music industry has changed into what it has become today.

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Year End Countdown: Top 10 Albums Of 2018 – Episode 41

2018 is coming to an end and with so much fantastic music that was released this year, it would be criminal not to give you guys a break down of our top ten favorite albums of the year. Listen now to hear our honorable mentions of albums that just fell short of making our list, find out which albums we consider our favorite top ten of the year and listen for who ultimately stole our hearts for the number one spot of 2018.

B-Light: Hip-Hop Artist & Music Producer – Episode 40

“While there may be an abundance of darkness, it is both mine and your personal duty to assume the role as a beacon of light in such obscurity. I must be light.” These wise words are from Bobby Edjamian, an up-and-coming hip-hop artist from New York otherwise known as B-Light. Today we talk to Bobby about his journey in the music industry, we discuss his debut full-length album ‘Champion’, we talk about why bringing positivity and social awareness in his music is so important to him and he explains his upcoming plans for touring, new music and producing in 2019.

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The 1975: A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships – Episode 39

Today we take the time to dissect The 1975’s latest album, ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’. Listen now to hear our thoughts on how we felt about the album upon first listen, how the album holds up with the rest of their discography, and for our ranking of least favorite and most favorite tracks on the band’s third effort.

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