A Star Is Born & Bohemian Rhapsody – Episode 36

Over the weekend we had the opportunity to see ‘A Star Is Born’ and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. Listen as we discuss how we felt about the plot of both movies (spoiler free), the movie soundtracks and to find out which movie takes our pick for the top spot.

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Tidal X Brooklyn & Lil Wayne: Tha Carter V – Episode 35

We’re officially back after our two week hiatus! We are coming back strong with two very important topics: the Tidal X Brooklyn benefit concert and Lil Wayne’s new album ‘Tha Carter V’. Listen as we discuss the acts that performed at the fourth annual Tidal X Brooklyn event, where all the proceeds were donated to criminal justice reform. One of those acts being Lil Wayne, who we discuss in the second half of this episode. How did we feel about Wayne’s big return to music with ‘Tha Carter V’? Find out now on the Music Matters Media pocast!

2018 American Music Awards: Performances Ranked – Episode 34

The American Music Awards really surprised us in the best way possible this year. With fifteen performances to choose from, we discuss the highlights of the night and rank who we thought stood out the most. Listen now to find out our least favorite, some honorable mentions and our top five favorite 2018 AMA performances!

Happy Birthday Bruno Mars: Bruno Mars & Eric Clapton – Episode 33

Erick and I had quite a weekend this past weekend! On Friday, I was able to see Bruno Mars live for the first time ever on his 24k Magic Tour for its second sold out night at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. On Saturday Erick and I attended New York Comic Con and by Sunday, Erick took my dad to go see Eric Clapton at Madison Square Garden for Clapton’s second sold out show. Listen as we wish Bruno Mars a very Happy Birthday, discuss our weekend at both shows and I explain why my voice is still in recovery from it all.

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Blink-182: California & Deluxe Edition – Episode 32

Blink-182 is arguably one of the most legendary pop-punk bands of all time. After four years of no music and their former co-lead vocalist and guitarist, Tom Delonge’s departure, the band recruited Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio and hit the ground running. They released ‘California’ in 2016 and ‘California (Deluxe Edition)’ in 2017. Listen now to hear our thoughts of the lineup change, our reactions when the albums first came out and if they still hold up now.

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Neck Deep: The Peace and the Panic – Episode 31

Neck Deep’s third studio album ‘The Peace and the Panic’ has many high points and a few hiccups along the way. Listen now to find out what to expect on ‘The Peace and the Panic’ tour, our thoughts of the album a year later and our rankings of Neck Deep’s discography.

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What is Music Matters Media & Why Should You Care? – Episode 30

Our 30th episode is an episode that is extremely near and dear to my heart. Listen now as we talk about all of the ins and outs of Music Matters Media. We talk about the creation of it, the purpose behind it and the launch of our brand new website!

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Drake: Scorpion – Episode 29

Drake’s fifth studio album ‘Scorpion’ really had us “in our feelings”, so we just had to talk about it! Listen as we discuss our opinions of A side songs vs. B side songs on the 25 song album and for what you can expect from the Aubrey & The Three Migos live concert experience.

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MTV Video Music Awards 2018: The Winners & Our Thoughts – Episode 28

Did you watch the MTV Video Music Awards? Today we give a break down of the performances we enjoyed and go through the full list of nominations, even those that weren’t shown on TV. Do you agree with the winners? Listen to find out our thoughts for each category and how we felt about the 2018 award show.

Dr.Soundcloud: The Doctor Of Music Feedback – Episode 27

“The doctor will hear you now…”
The doctor is now in! Today we speak with internet personality, Dr.Soundcloud, the doctor of music feedback. Listen to our interview with the doctor as we discuss how he came up with his online persona, some talented artists he has discovered over the years and how up-and-coming talent can submit music for a Dr.Soundcloud critique.

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