Ariana Grande: Sweetener World Tour & thank u, next – Episode 57

‘thank u, next’ is the fifth full-length studio album that was released by Ariana Grande earlier this year via Republic Records. On today’s episode we talk about her live performance during her ‘Sweetener World Tour 2019’, we review ‘thank u, next’ and discuss our least favorite and favorite tracks off of the album, and we talk about her choice of lead singles from her latest effort.

Dat Boy DOPE: Hip-Hop Artist & Creator of D.O.P.E University – Episode 56

David Rust a.k.a Dat Boy DOPE, D.O.P.E standing for “Defying Other People’s Expectations”, is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist from Long Island, New York. In my interview with David, we talk about the creation of his debut full-length album titled “Reroute” and we dive into the meaning behind certain songs off of the album. We also discuss why David chose to name the album “Reroute” and the inner workings of the music industry. Make sure you stay tuned until the end of today’s episode to hear the opener from the album called “Welcome Back”!

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How Elitism Kills The Enjoyment of Music – Episode 55

Lil Wayne and Blink-182 are going on tour together this summer and the response from both of their fan bases sparked the idea behind this episode! On today’s episode we discuss different genre crossovers, we analyze today’s current state of hip-hop compared to the community of rock music, and we give three tips to help avoid elitism among music lovers.

Casey Cole: Alternative Rock Vocalist & Guitarist From Bass And Sound – Episode 54

Casey Cole is the lead singer and guitarist from the alternative rock band Bass and Sound. In my interview with Casey we discuss the origin and history of the band, we talk about the dynamics of Bass and Sound additionally being a cover band, and we dive into the meaning behind their new song “Born in the Movies” and the potential of a future EP centered around the same theme. Make sure you stay tuned until the end of today’s episode to hear “Born in the Movies”!

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Vikki S: R&B, Pop, & Jazz Singer-Songwriter – Episode 53

Vikki S is an extremely versatile singer and songwriter. She is known for experimenting with Pop, Jazz, R&B and most recently, EDM. On today’s episode we discuss Vikki’s very humble beginnings and her many accomplishments and accolades that she has achieved since starting out when she was only four years old. We also talk about her latest single featuring our former guest JonOne called “Digital Love”. Stay tuned to the end of our interview with Vikki to hear the new track!

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David Dross: Punk Rock Vocalist & Bassist From No Advisory – Episode 52

David Dross is the co-vocalist and bassist from the punk rock band No Advisory. In our interview with David we discuss the origin and history of the band, David announces the name of their new EP coming out on May 16th, and we go over a track-by-track of what you can expect on their new EP. Stay tuned until the end of today’s episode to hear the premiere of a brand new No Advisory song called “Homegrown”.

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The Maine: You Are OK – Episode 51

‘You are OK’ marks the seventh studio album from Arizona pop rock band, The Maine. With ten songs and 45-minutes at length, The Maine attempt to break the mold for their most experimental album yet. Listen as we discuss our favorite and least favorite tracks, we rank The Maine’s entire discography and we explore if their experimentation on ‘You Are Ok’ truly paid off.

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Simple Creatures: Strange Love Concert & EP – Episode 50

Welcome to our 50th episode of the Music Matters Media podcast! Today we talk about Mark Hoppus and Alex Gaskarth’s new project together called Simple Creatures. The two pop punk powerhouses step outside their comfort zone of their respective bands and dive into the world of self-proclaimed, “trash pop”. Listen now as we discuss seeing the band live on their debut tour in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, we give a track-by-track review of their ‘Strange Love’ EP and we rank the six songs from our least to most favorite.

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Blink-182: Discography Run-Through & Albums Ranked – Episode 49

A new blink-182 album is on the horizon with an expected early summer 2019 release date and to celebrate, we decided to give a rundown of their entire discography! Listen as we talk about our top three favorite tracks from each album, we discuss what Tom and Matt have brought to the table in the band, and we rank every blink-182 album in order of awesomness.

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One Year of The Music Matters Media Podcast Featuring Special Guests – Episode 48

February 23rd officially marked our 1-year anniversary of the Music Matters Media podcast! For our anniversary episode, we wanted to briefly catch up with some of our previous guests to see what they have been up to since appearing on the podcast. Listen now to hear updates from indie-folk singer Conner Cherland, hip-hop artist B-Light, Marco Massini from SETPICK, Joshua Abramovitz from 4bar, Lou Peragine from All The Blink Things and The Warped Tour Band, graphic and web designer Natasha Gonzales and Jesse Maxwell from the Queens County Roots!

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