Tiësto – ‘Drive’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Beau Grealy

Tiësto’s latest album Drive is a refreshing take on electronic dance music in a time where the genre is filled with generic beats. The album offers 12 tracks that are a delightful mix of old-school remixes and new collaborations. While not every track is a full-blown banger, the album still manages to keep the party going with a decent proportion of upbeat songs.

The lead single, “Lay Low,” is a certified bop that’s impossible not to dance to. The track blends together elements of traditional church choir music with a chilling autotune overlay that’s both spine-tingling and infectious. It’s a unique take on an electronic dance music track that shows Tiësto’s willingness to experiment. Another standout track is “10:35” featuring Tate McRae. It boasts a strong bassline and melodic vocals that are perfect. The song was recorded at the luxurious Atlantis Hotel in Dubai, adding another layer of intrigue to the already excellent track. Along with “The Motto” featuring Ava Max, which is another gem that impresses with its coupling of voice and beat.

“All Nighter” is a great techno jam that successfully brings together the best of old and new-school electronic music. “Back Around” with AR/CO is a slow, dreamy track that still manages to engage the listener, while “Chills (LA Hills)” featuring A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie subverts expectations by alternating between EDM and trap on a solid beat. “Bet My Dollar” features Freya Ridings’ unique vocals that add an extra layer of intensity to the already lively track. The album also includes a revamped version of the Black Eyed Peas’ classic club anthem “Pump It Louder.” Tiësto’s remix brings a deeper bass to the mix and fresh updates to the sound while still maintaining the beloved staples of the original. It’s an unexpected addition to the album but a welcome one.

Drive showcases Tiësto’s capacity for creating exciting, new music. Each track brings something different to the table, making for an interesting dynamic, and a brilliant listen. While the album can be enjoyed anywhere, it’s best experienced in an outdoor club or festival setting, where Tiësto’s sound can be fully appreciated. Tiësto has been a leader in electronic dance music for over two decades and has released numerous albums and singles that have topped charts around the world. His talent for making fun and energetic dance music is unparalleled.

From his early work as a trance DJ to his current forays into EDM and pop, Tiësto consistently delivers infectious beats that get people moving and smiling. His ability to blend catchy melodies with driving rhythms and playful effects is a testament to his creativity and skill. Thanks to Tiësto, we have countless dance floor anthems that make our nights out brighter and more joyful. And as the electronic dance music scene continues to evolve, Tiësto continues to push the boundaries of the genre and create fresh and innovative music. Overall, Drive is another excellent addition to Tiësto’s already impressive body of work, and fans of electronic music will undoubtedly enjoy this album. It’s an album worth listening to from beginning to end and will leave fans excited for what Tiësto has in store next.

Rating: 3 out of 5.
Written by: Jaylan Brooks

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