MMM Top Ten: 10 Punk & Hardcore Bands You Should be Listening to in 2022

Punk rock changed my life. But if you meet anyone as knee-deep into middle age as I am, who spent a good deal of their youth in dodgy bars and clubs, they are going to say the same thing; same words, same tone, same look on their faces. I can smell it on people like a scent, members of this tribe. I can tell by a dude’s windbreaker that he’s definitely picked up change and then high kicked during a breakdown. Even if she is getting ice cream for her kids if a woman is wearing a pair of Adidas Sambas a certain way, I know she at one point owned a set of brass knuckles. Here are 10 bands making the sounds of our people this year, all these years later.

#10. The New York Hounds

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It is unclear if the New York Hounds are still operating but regardless you should be listening to them. The Hounds either make or made, as the case may be, glam Oi! Of the highest order. The Templars meet Cocksparrer by way of Mott the Hoople. I’ve listened to them daily for several weeks non-stop and so should you.

#9. Rixe

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Old school Oi! from Paris, France. Rixe proves you can have reverence for tradition while still innovating. They make good songs you can jump to.

#8. Krimewatch

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We don’t have to continue to make the same sounds in the same ways and make the same mistakes, over and over and over again. Evolve or die. Krimewatch makes New York hardcore for now, not then.

#7. Bootlicker

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Hailing from Vancouver, Canada. Our brothers to the north have always been down with punk despite having a reputation nationally as very well-mannered people. Bootlicker makes D-beat for the 21st century. Go get it, kids.

#6. Taqbir

Photo Credit: Ben Houdijk

Hardcore out of Morocco. Their name translates to “God is great.” That may or may not be the case, but this band is.

#5. Golpe

Photo Credit: Sorry State Records

From Milan, Italy. Oh, man. These guys make true blue, old school, have-your-friend-hold-your-glasses circle pit noise. I don’t speak Italian but I know the lyrics are about forgetting neither the struggle nor the streets.

#4. Cruelster

Photo Credit: Em DeMarco

Rocket from the Tombs, Dead Boys, The Pagans. Cleveland, Ohio is at it again. Cruelster makes weird hardcore for jerk nerds. They vow to make punk annoying again.

#3. Civic

Photo Credit: Sailor Jerry

Between this band and Amyl and the Sniffers, Melbourne seems to have got it. Civic makes punk rock in the vein of countrymen Radio Birdman or even early Replacements. Like Uncle Lou said, “You can’t beat 2 guitars, bass, and drums.”

#2. Prison Affair

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This band, hailing from Barcelona, makes some odd stuff. They sound like they are covering the theme song for a Spanish cartoon from the ’70s while on some very heavy narcotics. They seem to try to stick to prison love themes and their songs all sound similar. Pretty, pretty good.

#1. Soul Glo

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Hailing from the city of brotherly love, Soul Glo just signed to Epitaph Records and released their first full-length album. It is excellent. The style of hardcore is both classic and refreshed, and it sounds like they have been reading Derrida along with studying their Raybeez. Check them out.

Written by: Padraig Mara

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