G-Eazy – ‘These Things Happen Too’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Olav Stubberud

G-Eazy has surpassed the idea of being a “rising star” in hip-hop, to being a certified leader. His past collaborations with rap superstars like A$AP Rocky and Cardi B gave him the credibility along with his talent to cement him as a hip-hop heavyweight. Now with his latest album, These Things Happen Too, G takes his skills to a new level.

The album opens with the title track “These Things Happen Too” which starts off with whirling synths that leave you wondering where it’s meant to go, and then G goes there. The production is moody, much like Eazy’s flow on the track. The next track “When You’re Gone” is a smooth departure from how the album starts. Eazy’s flow is almost as smooth as the beat. The G.O.A.T. Lil Wayne certifies the track by not only singing the hook but dropping probably one of the best verses on the whole album. 

“Instructions” featuring Y.G takes us to the trap and back. The beat could have come straight out of the trap and Eazy seems to be at home on it. “Wanna Be Myself” is the most introspective track on These Things Happen Too. When G sings “I forgot how to be myself // I just really miss myself” you feel his longing; a longing to go back to the man he used to know before the fame.“Everything Is Everything” is a throwback joint, it is a track reminiscent of the days of A Tribe Called Quest and Goody Grace certainly compliments the track with his velvet vocals on the hook.

“Now And Later” is the stand-out song on this album, delivering an almost a California vibe in itself. The track features E-40, DaBoii, and rising star ShooterGang Kony and it’s truly a club banger. “Breakdown” featuring pop star Demi Lovato is honest and raw. Demi sings “I’m in the middle of a breakdown and I need you,” a lyric that touches both artists’ personal lives.“Faithful” is an easy ride, Eazy’s flow is chill and measured. It is definitely the most laid-back song on These Things Happen Too, contributing a beautiful melody over easy guitars.

“Bad Bad News!” is another tempered record. Eazy sings about rumors and him being considered “bad news” which honestly is something we can all relate to. The track ”No More” featuring Ty Dolla $ign is a relaxing ride, reminiscent of a summer road trip. ”No More” is an easy listen and it is even easier to relate to. “Time” rounds out the album by bringing Eazy back to his roots, which is him just rhyming over an overproduced beat. G-Eazy is making his name known in the music industry. He is determined, he’s prepared, and he has the talent to take his music to whatever new heights he can see. When it comes to becoming a legendary white rapper in the hip-hop arena, we can easily say: “these things happen too.”

Written by: Darnell “Digo” Mcgee

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