MMM Top Ten: 10 EDM Artists You Should be Listening to in 2021

EDM has seen a lot of changes over the last years. With the inclusion of sub-genres and the blending of styles, there are so many types of electronic music for fans across the world to fall in love with. The music industry is shifting with new releases, projects, and artists entering the arena. However, below are 10 artists that have been around in EDM for a long enough time to build fan bases that anticipate new music. Whether dark and heavy, light and happy, or somewhere in the middle, these artists will be releasing music in the near future that is sure to bring excitement for fans.

#10. Marshmello

Photo Credit: Tomorrowland

Marshmello gained his recognition by releasing remixes of songs from various genres. Garnering fans throughout streaming platforms, the electronic producer released hit after hit including “Joytime 1”, “Alone”, and “Wolves.” Many of his songs were successful enough to make it on to the Billboard music charts and with the commercial success of many racks, Marshmello is gearing up for his next studio album. Fans should be prepared for something powerful.

#9. Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson
Photo Credit: Priscilla Rodriguez

Porter Robinson gained recognition for his early entry into the music industry. Since 12-years-old, the youngster produced music and began uploading it online. Once uploaded on the Internet, fans began flocking to the artist. Porter later partnered with Skillrex to grow his fan base and musical style. Porter continues to bring energy to his music with each new song release, including his latest album Nurture, which is most definitely worth a listen.

#8. DJ Snake

Photo Credit: Jonathan April

When DJ Snake entered the music industry listeners caught gravitated toward his rhythmic songs like “Turn Down For What?” and “Magenta Riddim.” Other songs like “Lean On” and “Taki Taki” also became fan favorites. With two successful albums, plenty of singles, and new songs on the way, DJ Snake will absolutely be an EDM artist to look out for this year.

#7. Martin Garrix

Photo Credit: Al Powers

Martin Garrix reached global recognition with the release of his hit song “Animals” in 2013. The young producer has captured the hearts of fans across the world with his energy-driven songs and performances. Martin Garrix has so much up his sleeve that it would be crazy to not put this dynamic artist on the list.

#6. The Chainsmokers

Photo Credit: Tony Tran

The Chainsmokers got their rise to fame with the release of “#Selfie.” Following the release of more music like “Closer” and “I Want Something Just Like This” allowed the duo to grow their fan base. The albums Sick Boy and World War Joy brought a plethora of feel-good vibes to listeners to jam out to. With the creation of music that has reached remote areas across the globe, The Chainsmokers has brought their own vibe to electronic music.

#5. Flume

Photo Credit: Patrick Stevenson

The Australian producer Flume has gathered a huge amount of fans since the release of his album Skin in 2016. Since then, Flume has created Grammy nominated music. Flume has made announcements that a new album will be released soon, so 2021 seems like a great time for the artist to drop another project.

#4. Afrojack

Photo Credit: Tomorrowland Liveset via YouTube

Afrojack has shown fans his range in musical style and skill. The Dutch DJ created live experiences with shows that drew the attention of fans across the world. Tracks like “Ten Feet Tall” and “No Beef” garnered the artist millions of fans. The intensity in his tracks provides listeners with the energy to keep partying throughout the night.

#3. Tiesto

Photo Credit: Wolf Productions

Tiesto has made a mark on the music industry in a way that few have been able to do. Being one of the oldest and longtime EDM DJs, Tiesto has a record of consistent hits. Between studio albums, EPs, and single releases, Tiesto has influenced and made an impact on the genre of electronic music. Releases like “The Only Way is Up”, “Feel it in My Bones”, and most recently, “The Business”, only add continue to the fierce electronic fan base that Tiesto has gained throughout the years.

#2. Calvin Harris

Photo Credit: Conor McDonnell

Calvin Harris has been on the radar globally for several years now with his international hits. Between his dynamic album releases, interesting collaborations, and philanthropic work, Calvin Harris has crafted a name for himself within the industry. Calvin’s music has reached fans throughout different genres through his collaborations with artists like Rihanna, Dua Lipa, and Sam Smith. Calvin first connected with fans in 2014 from his album Motion. Since then, he has brought plenty of consistency and excitement to electronic music.

#1. Skrillex

Photo Credit: Chris Lazzaro for Insomniac Events

Skrillex produces dubstep music that is influenced by different genres and artists. He has worked with various artists from Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Justin Bieber and much more. While the artist has been in the industry for close to 20 years, it wasn’t until his release of Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites in 2011 that brought him attention. As he crafted more songs from his version of dubstep, Skrillex gained more fans. To date, Skrillex has won 8 Grammys based on his desire to create music people can enjoy. Skrillex has worked in several groups to become one of the most prolific artists in EDM, and fans are sure to hear more music from the artist in the near future.

Written by: Carlton Rolle

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