daydream Masi – ‘Movie Scenes’ EP Review

Photo Credit: Leeor Wild

daydream Masi is his own man. The self-proclaimed romantic’s unique sense of style, keen sense of confidence, and a little dose of unapologetic swagger are what helped bring him to the mainstream with 2019’s Interscope debut Nightlife. You may have also heard his catchy single “Favorite Drug” featured as the melancholic theme song on the popular Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. Since then, he has been on a mission to inspire the masses through optimism, authenticity, and past experiences. Recently telling Turncoat Magazine that a high school crush initially inspired him to start using music to express himself. “I am looking towards more rhythms of life to pull from these days. They defy the conventional norms of the genre by way of versatility,” Masi explains.

Fast forward to present day, and Masi brings this to the forefront bouncing along from one track to the next on his 2021 Movie Scenes EP. The Movie Scenes EP is the third official release for the Akron, Ohio native, and things begin with the entertaining “Nights Like This.” Flexing the most accurate depiction of what Masi’s music is really about. The song provides a malleable form of R&B resonance intermingled with a dreamy rhythmic state. In fact, all of the songs on the short EP have such an expressive nature that makes them much more relatable to the audience. Giving off a more conversational tone throughout. So much so, that you could almost forget it’s a music composition at some point!

Such is the case on the relaxing, toned-down sounds of “Raining.” Masi strolls along serenely and oblivious to even possibly feeling the need to prove something like most new artists do. Unorthodox by nature, this could serve as his most significant attribute. However, this can also become a double sword, as it doesn’t always produce the most eventful outcome if you become too careless. Masi’s laid-back approach seems a bit too lazy at times, making it hard even to make out his phrases, seeming like he could float away out of listeners ears at any point. This is on full display on the sleepy “Can I Be The One?”, as he is literally talking through the song. Almost as if he just put words together and added a beat. The upbeat “Animal Style” thankfully saves some fire to throw back in the mosh pit blending in well, with a modern party feel.

Nonetheless, in the end the Movie Scenes EP is an acquired taste, similar to its creator. Talent and originality are one thing, but the real question is whether Masi’s music career is something he will remain serious about, or if it’s something he’s just having fun with for now? Everyone can ride the same wave as long as its current doesn’t change. Guess the tide will let us know soon enough!

Written by: DeShonna Watson

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