Drake – ‘Scary Hours 2’ EP Review

Photo Credit: Drake via Instagram

If there is an artist that can make you feel their music in all facets, it’s Drake. Ever the pleaser, The OVO head honcho dropped Scary Hours 2 literally in the wee hours of All Star weekend. This latest effort is a sequel to 2018’s Scary Hours EP, which marks it as the fifteenth official project of his notable music career (including mixtapes, EPs, studio albums and everything in between, crazy right!). So much that perhaps we’ve become spoiled by his generous offerings and remarkable consistency over the years.

 So nonetheless, many assumed this was the presumed appetizer to his upcoming 10th studio album, Certified Lover Boy. But it’s not. It is more of a current resurrection of sorts, as Drizzy finds his traction in this whole rap thing again. This is evident on the clap-back opener “What’s Next”, in which at times he sounds irritated and other times invigorated. Either way, it is the best indication of how life is going in Drake’s conspicuous world right now.

With that said, on all three tracks of the EP the Billboard chart topping rapper brought his flow back. Sounding the most invested as he has in a while, and so did his two co-pilots Lil Baby and Rick Ross. Lil Baby goes bananas on the spitfire “Wants And Needs” showing how skilled of an MC he truly is, by rolling in arguably one of the best sixteen bars of his short rap career. And that is not an exaggeration.  Then comes the swaggering “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” which is the most revitalizing of all three songs. Behind a coming-of-age melody, Ross and Drizzy who are frequent collaborators deliver a fine six-minute track full of truth, fun, and insight all at the same time. Drake alone goes on for the last four exhilarating minutes of the song.

The entire compilation shows the trio of MCs at the top of their game, notably adding verses with some lyrical content that will be mentioned among some of their best when talking about their respective careers. So is this a prelude to something new? No. Is Scary Hours 2 more like the current state of mind of Drake, giving the listener an experience that only this guy could provide? Absolutely, yes.

Written by: DeShonna Watson

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