KennyHoopla: Reviving Alternative Rock on “ESTELLA//” Featuring Travis Barker

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KennyHoopla gained popularity from singles like “Lost Cause” and “How Will I Rest in Peace If I’m Buried by a Highway?” This new age musician is bringing a sense of thoughtfulness to indie rock with his songs. The Wisconsin-based artist expresses his emotions in a manner that relates to listeners. Kenneth La’ron was born on August 5, 1997 in Cleveland, Ohio. As a youngster the creative expressed his artistry through break dance, painting, and photography. While these mediums attracted him, music seemed to be the major act of expression that the creative was missing.

KennyHoopla began his music career on SoundCloud in 2016. As he began posting songs to this platform, he began to see a rise in streams and interactions from fans. On October 5, 2016, he released the EP Beneath the Willow Tree. The EP created a buzz for the fresh creative. By the end of the month, he uploaded the song “Cave.” As the uploaded songs drew interest from listeners across the Internet, KennyHoopla continued to create music for the fans that loved what he did.

On February 1, 2019 KennyHoopla released his track “lost cause//.” The track received positive feedback from fans and critics alike. As the song gained momentum, KennyHoopla refocused on himself, his brand, and his musical message to fans. He then followed up the release with “Sore Loser” in September. KennyHoopla released the single, “How Will I Rest in Peace If I’m Buried by a Highway?” in February 2020. Through radio and digital plays, the track generated a huge buzz for the artist. In May, the EP How Will I Rest in Peace If I’m Buried by a Highway? was released. The project merged several genres together to create a cohesive project. There’s a distinct feeling of disco meets electro throughout tracks like “thinkingoutloud//” and “plastic door.” Each track on the EP is unique but they also collectively all work together.

Earlier in the year, KennyHoopla collaborated with nothing, nowhere. and JUDGE for the song “blood.” Listeners also heard two remixes of “lost cause//” featuring Grandson on one mix and Jesse Rutherford from The Neighbourhood on another mix. In late 2020 the song “ESTELLA//” featuring Travis Barker from Blink-182 was released. It’s also the song that has generated the most excitement for the artist. While new to the scene, KennyHoopla brings a fresh take on older sounds in his music. Listeners can hear the mash-up of different genres and come to understand the impression that Kenneth La’ron takes on, which he self-described as “new wave nostalgia.” KennyHoopla seeks to be honest and endearing in his music for a crowd of listeners that need to hear that level of authenticity.  

Written by: Carlton Rolle

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