Matt Maeson: A Rising Star on the Road to Recovery

Photo Credit: Alexis Gross

Matt Maeson is a rising musician that has rose to the spotlight through singing about his heartfelt struggles. He was born on January 17, 1993 in Norfolk, Virginia. Matt was influenced by his parents who were musicians that began playing at Christian metal events. His family founded a Christian ministry around convicts that convert to the religion. Matt’s uncle spent time with people that were rejected from church. Despite his efforts and attempts to help, one of the troubled people murdered his uncle when Matt was only was 5-years-old. Through his parents’ missionary work, Matt helped at prisons and worked construction events. By the age of 17-years-old, Matt traveled and contributed to his family ministry throughout prisons in America. The family brought Christian values and music together as a way to connect with people.

Matt gained a larger music audience at the end of 2016 with the release of “Cringe.” The “cringe worthy” song talks about Maeson’s experience with friendships in the thick of his hard times. “Me and My Friends are Lonely” gives listeners more insight into Matt’s thoughts as he expresses coming-to-age in the marginalized part of society. He also talks about the death of his uncle within in the song. With the inspiration and success of those tracks, Matt began to invest more time into writing music. Maeson released his first EP, Who Killed Matt Maeson on March 31, 2017. The 6-track EP focused on emotions that led Matt on this path. Who Killed Matt Maeson highlights Matt’s alternative indie music feel with gospel driven insight. 

The Hearse was a 2018 follow up EP to Who Killed Matt Maeson. Lead single “Hallucinogenics”, gained attention for Matt’s catchy lyrics. Other songs on the EP focus on Matt’s perspectives between his destructive habits and his regular self. Throughout the project, Matt confronts his inner demons. He also makes references to his actions in lieu of his Christian faith. Bank On The Funeral brings the concept of light and dark to the forefront. Richly crafted in a way that is honest, Maeson’s musical talents brighten fans outlook on his music. His vulnerability can be heard in lyrics throughout the 12-tracks. Bank On The Funeral tells a longer story to listeners coming across Matt. Some songs emphasize Maeson’s bad habits while other songs focus on Matt overcoming those habits. A highlight track on the album titled “Beggar’s Song” acts as an anthem to inspire people going through hardships.

Even though Matt Maeson has a relatively small body of work, he has crafted a name for himself in the music industry through his vulnerability and authenticity. Matt’s personal struggles through hard times have given him an advantage of connecting with people looking for music as an outlet to help them through their own hardships and frustrations. As Matt Maeson continues to grow as an artist, he is sharing more of himself with greater numbers of people than ever before. Fans of Matt Maeson have become comforted and inspired by listening to Matt explore and express his struggles with life. People should expect more material on the way from this heartfelt artist.

Written by: Carlton Rolle

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