Megan Thee Stallion – ‘Suga’ EP Review

Meg--Photo Credit: Lauren Dunn

Megan Jovon Ruth Pete, professionally known as Megan Thee Stallion, released her third EP Suga on March 6th. She was able to release it right before the pandemic started, allowing fans to enjoy nine new songs while in quarantine. The EP initially was planned to release later than it actually was, causing some commotion with her record label, to which Megan then stated: “I am NO ONES PROPERTY.” Megan starts the EP off with a powerful statement song titled “Ain’t Equal”, where she spits the truth about who she is. She raps because it is her passion, not for the money and fame. She is authentic in what she does, and doesn’t care what other people think because her art comes from her heart, not from greed. Megan raps with a southern influence, which helps to set her apart from other modern hip-hop artists, including those of the popular trap movement.

The track “Savage” from the project went viral after being one of the most popular dances on the social media platform TikTok, which is set to the chorus of the song. Not only is the track incredibly catchy, but it also highlights Megan’s confidence and authenticity. The original track of “Savage” has been on top of the charts for a while, however, the remix featuring Beyoncé took it to the next level and hit #1 on Billboard’s Songs of the Summer on June 13th. The Beyoncé version of “Savage” references currently popular things, i.e. TikTok and OnlyFans, which surely boosted up the relevance too.

Suga_Megan Thee Stallion

Megan is very open and confident about her sexuality. “Captain Hook”, a very sex-positive song, it describes her expectations of the men she sleeps with as well as her being bi-curious and “freaky.” The track is followed by the upbeat “Hit My Phone” featuring Kehlani, where the two sing about texting while drunk. Another collaboration in the project is with Gunna in “Stop Playing”, which is their first time working together. The song incorporates a heavy use of auto tune and is about the fake people they would rather not encounter. In the track “Crying In The Car”, another song with altered vocals, Megan speaks on accusations of her “changing” after obtaining money and fame: “Shit ain’t the same and you say I’m changin’ // But I really think it’s you // Mad at me ’cause I’m elevatin’ // But what you wanted me to do?”

Confirming her realness on the EP’s first single “B.*.T.C.H.”, Megan Thee Stallion talks about being “a lot” instead of playing dumb. She’s all about honesty in everything, including her career and personal relationships. The instrumentals and beats on the track “Rich” sound very 2000-s, but uniquely Houston at the same time. As per the title of the track, Megan raps about being rich, but not minding some extra attention from men: “I ain’t never need a n*gga money ’cause I make it // But if that n*gga wanna pay a bill, I’ma take it.”

Wrapping up Suga with “What I Need”, Megan reflects on a relationship she wants to renew. The Stallion wants to get back together with a man she once cut off because she feels like they belong together. This might be the only song on the EP where Megan shows her venerability. In only 24-minutes of Suga, Megan Thee Stallion provides explosive lyrics and head-bumping beats, supplying us with good summer music (even if the summer will be mostly spent indoors). Confident and fun, Megan was able to create a memorable EP even after the loss of both her mother and grandmother in the same year.

Written by: Rachel Shubayeva

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