Tanerélle: Introducing the Seductive Songstress

tanerellePhoto Credit: Twitter @tanerelle

Tanerélle is gaining attention in the music industry with her looks and vocal abilities. The young artist’s aesthetic and style place her in a neo soul genre. Tanerélle’s empowering seduction and unapologetic attitude sets the stage to attract fans all over the globe. Tanerélle Stephens was born on April 9, 1994 in Atlanta, Georgia. As a young girl, she got teased often because of her skin color. At 18-years-old Tanerélle moved to Los Angeles. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in acting, and after graduating she began to perform at a few locations. Locally people who heard or saw some off her work encouraged her to continue which prompted her to create even more.

In 2015, Tanerélle released her first single, “Siren.” With good feedback, the artist began working on more music. Tanerélle started an online campaign to raise money as an independent artist. This allowed her to release her debut EP 11:11. The seven-track EP embraces topics such as femininity, emotional turmoil, sexuality, blackness, and power dynamics. Most of the songs revolve around the feeling of love.

“In Women We Trust” was released in January 2018. The single featured Tanerélle’s vocals paired with a soft rock ballad. The single acts as a testimony to feminine strength. The retail clothing brand H&M played the song in many of its stores, which attracted even greater attention for the artist. “Dreamgirl” warmed people up in July 2018 with its sweet seduction. In September, Tanerélle was featured with City James on the song “Her” by Phazz.


Tanerélle released the single “Won’t” in January 2018. The song caught the attention of many listeners on music streaming platforms. She continued the momentum in June with the single “Love from NGC 7318”, which generated a huge amount of streams for the artist. The sensual directness of “Continuum” brought Tanerélle to the forefront for many listeners. She also released “Mama Saturn” later in the year. Connecting with the cosmos, Tanerélle represents the feeling of a loving desire that’s as strong as the planet Saturn’s gravity. The smoothness in Tanerélle’s vocals was heard a month later with the single “A Trip Through Space to Clear My Mind.” Followed by the release of the sensual track “After The Beep”, which focused on reflecting emotions played through the phone.

Tanerélle release “Nothing Without You” in January 2020. The song gathered millions of streams on various music platforms. Tanerélle also announced her debut album T1*. The release is scheduled to be sometime later this year. As an independent artist, the struggle is real, but also gratifying. Being independent allows Tanerélle to create music how she wants to verses how someone else wants her to. Finances seem to be something that has held this incredibly talented artist and rising star back. However, it hasn’t stopped her passion. While new to music and the general spotlight, Tanerélle has shown that she isn’t afraid to be herself. Utilizing her velvety voice, sensuality, and style, this up-and-coming musician has the stage for the release of heartfelt music.

Written by: Carlton Rolle

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