LovelyTheBand: Healing Emotional Scars Through Music

lovelytheband-Photo Credit: Guerin Blask

In the short time that this band has been on the music scene, they’ve created hit songs that listeners and music charts adore. LovelyTheBand is composed of three performers who are passionate about expression and connection. They skyrocketed in fame due to successfully relating on an emotional level to the masses. The American based band formed in 2016 in Los Angeles, California. Mitchy Collins leads on vocals with Jordan Greenwald as the guitarist, and Sam Price as the drummer. Once together, the group created and rehearsed music to perform at shows. The band gained a reputation from opening on several tours and festivals. When the band signed to RED record label, traction picked up even more.

Sonically LovelyTheBand is an indie rock band with pop and hip-hop influences. In April 2017, the band debuted their single “Broken.” The track has gained over 3 million streams on Spotify since its release. It charted on multiple Billboard charts as well. When the band signed to Another Century Records, they released everything i could never say in September 2017. The six tracks on the EP were noted for having catchy melodies with intriguing lyrics.


On August 3, 2018 LovelyTheBand released their debut studio album, Finding It Hard to Smile. Issues such as angst, loneliness, depression, and self-loathing are brought up throughout Finding It Hard to Smile. The band uses synth and production in a way that doesn’t fight for direct attention, which makes for a seamless listening experience for fans. In 2019 LovelyTheBand appeared in the film This Is The Year by David Henrie. Even though the band isn’t acting, they are highlighted throughout the film. For the group, this was a great way to reach a new audience and broaden their fan base.

“loneliness for love” is the latest single released from the group in January 2020. The song reflects on love that has gone wrong. Even though the song is lyrically sad, the melody and chorus make it an upbeat dance song. The group announced that this single will be included on the band’s next studio album.

As a trio, LovelyTheBand reflects on emotions and vulnerability without the music feeling too heavy, forced or unauthentic. In many ways, the band uses music as a medium for healing. The band’s rise to the spotlight has connected with fans across the world. Through speaking out about anxiety, struggles, civil rights and more, LovelyTheBand is showing others that they don’t have to feel alone.

Written by: Carlton Rolle

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