Nothing, Nowhere. : Using Music to Fight Mental Illness

Nothing-Nowhere.Photo Credit: Jamie MacMillan

Nothing, Nowhere. is an American musician who creates emotional driven songs through blending hip-hop and rock. Motivated by the hardship of his past, Nothing, Nowhere. seeks to connect with others and help them from losing themselves in the struggles of life. Born as Joseph Mulherin from Massachusetts, the future artist studied computer-based design in high school. Mulherin was introduced to the music industry through his friend Mark. He would also borrow Mark’s bass guitar until he got his own. Inspired by A Tribe Called Quest, Dipset, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte and more, Joseph brought his style into fruition.

Nothing, Nowhere. began uploading music to SoundCloud in 2015. In June, he self-released his debut album titled The Nowhere, Nowhere LP. The album was well received so he continued creating more music to follow up his debut. Nothing, Nowhere. released his first EP titled Bummer in October 2015. Online listeners, touring managers, and labels began to reach out to the young artist. He later released the six-track EP Who Are You was released in January 2016.

On October 20, 2017, Nothing, Nowhere. released the studio album Reaper with DCD2 Records. The guitar based tracks featured heavy hip-hop flows from the artist. Combing heavy lyrical topics with switching tones created depth in the songs for fans. Reaper was the first album produced under a label. DCD2 Records is a label owned by Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy, which was a real full circle moment for the musician to be signed by one of his musical influences growing up.


Going on stage and performing is a difficult thing for Nothing, Nowhere. to deal with. The rising anxiety and dread that the artist began to feel came to fruition in multiple ways. His 2018 album Ruiner was released through record label Fueled By Ramen. The album explores Nothing, Nowhere’s dark thoughts on life. Despite focusing on the difficulties, pain and failure of his past, the album does have a lining of hope. Ruiner is about coping with life through the struggles.

Nothing, Nowhere. suffered from severe anxiety and depression causing him to cancel many shows throughout the year. To combat his issues, the musician utilized the traditional Western practice of therapy. He also incorporated Eastern thought processes and lifestyles into his daily regimen. Bloodlust was the third EP released by Nothing, Nowhere. It’s a collaborative effort with Travis Barker from Blink-182. The project explores deep emotions that are personal to both artists without directly using their personal stories. For Nothing, Nowhere. this was an act of release and helped prevented himself from reliving triggering memories.

The alternative artist is working hard to keep himself grounded and secure by sharing his message with other people who may be encountering the same thing and dealing with similar issues. While it’s difficult to perform at times, Nothing, Nowhere. believes it will benefit him in the long-term. With greater clarity and grounding, Nothing, Nowhere. wants to connect with more listeners to make an impact on people.

WRITTEN BY: Carlton Rolle

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