G-Eazy – ‘Scary Nights’ EP Review

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G-Eazy started gaining popularity in 2014 but it wasn’t until 2017 when he began to blow up. That’s when the playboy rapper released his fourth album The Beautiful & Damned, featuring the hit track, “No Limit”. G-Eazy immensely grew his fan base using his cocky lyrics and from being known through his sense of style. Over the summer the artist released a B-Side EP. Some of the tracks were songs that just missed the cut of being added to his upcoming fifth studio album.

On October 18, 2019 G-Eazy released his eighth EP, Scary Nights. Interestingly enough, there are eight tracks on the EP as well. The rhythm and sound of the tracks touch on the rapper’s signature sound. The title track “Scary Nights” much like the overall feel of the project is heavy and dark. G-Eazy’s flow is quick ad to the point with wit, charisma, and attitude dripping from every word.

The lead single on the EP, “I Wanna Rock” features rapper Gunna. G-Eazy is heavy in confidence throughout the song. Easily a song to hear at a party, the upbeat rhythm makes it easy to listen to. “Full Time Capers” features French Montana and Moneybagg Yo on the track. Each rapper takes turns aiming thoroughly lyrical bullets at their rivals. This is a track for those who are feeling good and need motivation to continue blocking their haters!

Scary Nights EP

“Big Ben” is a song about making lots of money and showing it off with material items (including the obvious reference to watches). The ego-boosting track features Preme. G-Eazy’s flow on “KIDS” makes it another track to want to listen to. Featuring Dex Lauper, the song leaves room for reflection and really makes the listener think. Adding to the introspection, the production of the track draws listeners in more with repeated listens.

“Hittin Licks” is another cocky song with a memorable chorus on the project. The suave song is akin to a hustler’s love song. “Demons & Angels” features artists Miguel and The Game. The song weaves through past actions and emotions from previous relationships. G-Eazy and The Game explain their personal hurt and painful love stories while Miguel sings the chorus.

“A Very Strange Time” is the solo finishing track of the EP. Fans get to enjoy G-Eazy’s signature flow while listening to an audio production beefed with synths and drums. This closing track goes down memory lane for the Oakland, California rapper. It discusses how simple life used to be, G-Eazy’s rise to fame, and what fans can expect from the musician moving forward in his career.

While the EP doesn’t add any new skill or sound to G-Eazy’s music, it gives people an understanding of where he is in life. For many that listen to the rapper, they’ll find similarities to his previous effort The Beautiful & Damned. Others will hear G-Eazy’s flow and cocky charisma. Scary Nights does a great job of bridging the gap in both music releases for fans.

WRITTEN BY: Carlton Rolle

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