Social House: Everything is Changing for This Duo

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Social House is a duo that primarily creates pop-based tracks with hip-hop and R&B undertones. They caught the spotlight after being the producers behind popular tracks from Ariana Grande’s recent album Thank U, Next. The group is composed of two members, Michael Foster and Charles Anderson. Known as Mikey and Scootie respectively, the two met in 2015 while working at the same studio producing songs for other artists. Friends and co-workers, especially Tommy Brown, encouraged the two to join forces on projects.

Hanging out and working at Tommy’s house, the guys were involved with different ventures. There were always events going on at the house with plenty of different artists and influencers in attendance. The experiences and wildness at the house later became the basis of their group name. When the guys got together, they wrote and produced songs. Some of the tracks were used by other artists like Meghan Trainor, Chris Brown, and Jennifer Lopez.

Social House signed a contract with Interscope Records, Scooter Braun, and TBHits in 2018. Their debut single, “Magic in the Hamptons” was released on June 8, 2018. The track featured rapper Lil Yachty and gained instant success on Spotify. The simple beat combined with the chill flow of Mikey and Scootie is what really put the duo on the map. To date, the single has over 104 million streams on the streaming platform. “Magic in the Hamptons” became an instant favorite for fans and generated a huge amount of attention as listeners waited for more releases from the group. Social House later released their second single, “Higher.” A track that feels like an anthem geared towards pursuing dreams.

Social House EP

Earlier in June “Haunt You” was released to fans. It was shortly announced it would be on a future project. Everything Changed… is the first EP released by Social House. Schoolboy Records and Republic Records are the joint labels for the album. The six-tracks cover some of the emotional concepts of relationships such as lust, longing, and anger. Social House shares songs that reflect on relationships from the time of breakup. The track “boyfriend” featuring pop star Ariana Grande has been well received by fans. It’s a catchy pop song about relationships and commitment. On Spotify, the track has over 140 million streams already. “boyfriend” also became the first track to be on the top 10 of Billboard 100.

There is still so much in store for this duo. While it is difficult to measure up a follow-up success for mainstream artists, Social House isn’t backing away from the occasion any time soon. Social House is bringing new music to fans. Through passion and transparency they’re learning the music industry and enjoying their success. Social House has grown out of the musical shadows and entered a new area of basking in the spotlight.

Written By: Carlton Rolle

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