Jeremy Zucker: Making an Influence at His Own Pace

Photo Credit: Meredith Truax

Creative musician Jeremy Zucker is adding his youthful sound to music. Jeremy is from Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. When he was young, he took piano lessons but his love of music changed as he listened to punk rock and he later decided to play guitar instead. He enjoyed and listened to bands like Blink-182 and Kinetics & One Love. In high school Zucker was a part of an acoustic band. In college, he began producing music and releasing it on Soundcloud. Once the young artist released music on Spotify, his fandom started to take off.

On March 2, 2015 Zucker uploaded his first EP West to SoundCloud followed by his sequel EP titled Beach Island. In November of that year, Zucker released EP number three, Breathe. This project pushed Zucker to the spotlight by gaining millions of listeners and fans with the single “Bout it.” This song blends hip-hop into the track to create a catchy beat. “Breathe” is a chill-vibe song that tells a story of someone dedicated to a love.

The young artist released his next EP, Motions in August 2016. Musician Blackbear heard the song “Make Daddy Proud” on Soundcloud then remixed it. This garnered both artists even more attention. Later in 2017, Jeremy Zucker signed to Republic Records.

In May 2018, Zucker released his seventh EP glisten. This conceptual EP is grouped around the popular song “all the kids are depressed.” Tracks in this EP reflect on bad situations that effect people and the positive growth that can come from it. Zucker released an EP called Summer, in September that same year. This EP is a heartfelt five-tracks about newly discovered emotions. Conceptually, the project touches on accepting the state of a situation and navigating around it. These songs relate with many listeners that deal with emotions that ultimately need to be let go of.

Zucker invests himself in creating music. If an idea comes to him, he will make a memo and work on it later. Early in production, the artist decides if a song is worth releasing then spends a lot of time going over all aspects of the track to make sure it is perfect. Listeners can hear different sounds from genres in Zuckers’ music. Usually, this is based off of what he is feeling or thinking about at the time of production. Due to this, listeners can hear influences of punk, hip-hop, disco, and pop music throughout much of Zucker’s projects. This is part of the reason why Zucker has released so many EPs.

The creative artist feels like he is able to stay connected with his growing fan base by releasing EPs in a staggered manner. To create a full-length project will be very intentional for Zucker, and he has admitted that he isn’t ready to devote his complete attention to it yet.

Some musicians that have influenced Zucker’s sound are Blackbear, Jon Bellion, EDEN, Mac Miller, and Bon Iver. While he doesn’t do a lot of collaborations, Zucker has worked with several of those creative artists that have inspired him. He claims to write and produce songs that sound like an artist that he has in mind. However, he isn’t in a hurry to work with other influencers or artists, he is influencing music at his own pace. Jeremy Zucker is taking control of his creative projects and promoting music that touches listeners all over the world. The amount of fandom the musician has gained and the amount of creative work that he has released in such a short period of time shows how dedicated to his craft he truly is.

Written by: Carlton Rolle

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