The Band CAMINO: The Path a Band Took

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Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, The Band CAMINO, is an alternative rock band that consists of three people: Jeffery Jordan (lead vocalist and guitarist), Spencer Stewart (guitar and backing vocals), and Graham Rowell (bass). While attending the University of Memphis, Graham and Jeffery started playing around with the idea of making music. Graham brought Spencer into the mix because they knew each other from their time in high school theater class. Once they came together, the guys started writing music and had difficulty deciding on a band name. At one point, Graham saw the word El Camino and they worked with it. As time progressed, the name took on another meaning, as the path the band took.

The Band CAMINO sings about difficult situations in a manner that doesn’t really fit the lyrics. The upbeat melodies of songs tackle heartbreak, sadness, and other issues. Their music is a mixture of 80s rock inspired songs and modern pop music. Listeners could compare them to The Killers or The 1975 with their dreamy vibe.

My Thoughts on You is the first EP The Band CAMINO released. This guitar heavy electro-pop EP helped establish the band in a genre that competes with many other artists. The five tracks connect listeners to their American culture. “Young” was the first song written and performed by the group. The soft ballad uses the idea of being young and reminiscing mistakes that you make in your youth as a background to current growth. The Band CAMINO gained many swooning fans to this song. My Thoughts on You became a catchy batch of songs to help The Band CAMINO reach stardom.

With their second EP Heaven, the band expands their sound to further explain their growth as a band. The five-song EP shows that the group is capable of creating music that is honest and tells a story of connected lovers. It sonically explores rock, pop, and ballad songs without directly fully proclaiming any one genre. While not a lead single, “What I Want” feels like one of the most expressive songs about vulnerability and honesty. Other songs like “Who Says We’re Through,” shows the young, egocentric, but caring side of the band’s music.


The Band CAMINO gained attention from local venues and social media platforms like Spotify. “Daphne Blue” and “Berstein” are songs that have become popular favorites on many playlists. “Daphne Blue” was released in August 2018 under Dollar Bill Records. Touching on the beloved 80s rock vibe, the group sings about being reminded of an ex at times. The buildup and the chorus is a feeling many people share, “Cause I see shades of you when I don’t want to // Right when I thought I was on // You’ve got me all off track.”

The Band CAMINO wants listeners to know that they have matured from the past decisions of their youth. There’s much for new age listeners of LANY or Colony House to hear and enjoy. This is likely one of the reasons why the band has gained so many followers. Curated and celebrity playlists like Taylor Swift’s “Songs Taylor Loves” have generated new listener traffic for the group. Attaining stardom quickly is an accomplishment for a band without a full-length album. The band members have stated there are several songs that will be released in the future but they haven’t mentioned whether these songs are part of a larger body of work.

This alternative group attempts to bring a new set of emotions to the music genre. They’re attempting to be honest with themselves and others about issues from the heart. In various interviews, the members have spoken about being positive examples to help make the world a better place. The group’s dreamy pop rock mixes depression, hope, denial, and happiness all together.

While new to music, The Band CAMINO stays true to themselves and their fans by producing heartfelt songs. Currently the group is booked to feature at several venues throughout the summer until August. If that counts for anything, we’re sure to hear plenty of dreamy tracks from this band as they continue to pave the way in the indie pop rock scene.

WRITTEN BY: Carlton Rolle

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