Fever 333: Bringing Community, Charity, and Change to the World


Photo Credit: Chuck Marcus

Hailing from Inglewood, California, the rap/rock band Fever 333 is making artistic moves in the music industry. Fever 333 is composed of three members: Jason Aalon Butler, Stephen Harrison, and Aric Improta. The members have history from other bands: Letlive, The Chariot, and Night Verses respectively.

Fever 333 is a different type of music super group. They have a mission statement that is a call-to-action dedicated to the three C’s: community, charity, and change. In August of 2017, band member Butler announced on his Instagram that he would be releasing new work. In the post Butler stated, “I love art. I love being a musician. I love progress. And I am no stranger to pushing back if I feel it is necessary. This will be an exhibition of all the things I love with like-minded people for whom I care deeply. To all the tired, frustrated, and brave, come join us.”

Later in August of that year, they released a debut single “We’re Coming In” and a music video along with it. In March 2018, the band released an EP called Made an America with Roadrunner Records. In connection with gun violence in the country, Fever 333 released the single “Trigger.”

The super group is connected to Travis Barker of Blink 182 and John Feldmann of Goldfinger. Together they began planning more projects for exposure and local change. The progressive band stated that the 333 at the end of their band name represent the three C’s. The group often donates to local charities when playing at gigs. They hope to positively influence society.

In November 2018, the band announced they would perform as main support on Bring Me The Horizon’s U.K. and European arena tour. Also during the same month, Fever 333 released their single “Burn It” and they announced more details surrounding their debut album Strength in Numb333rs. The album was released in the middle of January 2019.

Lyrics sung by Butler touch on topics like poverty, police brutality, and inequality. Listeners can hear the anger and passion behind the lyrics. Fever 333 hopes to empower fans through their music and to help cause social change to happen. Heavy riffs heard throughout Strength in Numb333rs further add to the blending of metal, rock, rap, punk, and funk. The album created a spark that resonates with listeners and that spark also has shaken up the music industry. Fever 333 earned their first Grammy nomination for Best Rock Performance for the 61st Grammy Awards.

Fever 333 is set to change the way people operate in a messed up world. They don’t beat around the bush with issues and aren’t afraid of making people uncomfortable. As all three members have successful ventures in music, they want to make their message stronger with calls-to-action against the status-quo further enriching life for everyone.



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