Flor – ‘Come out. You’re hiding’ Album Review

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Come out. You’re Hiding is the debut album for the new indie rock/electro pop group, Flor. Despite some songs being a faster “club” tempo, the vibe is still very light and warm. This music is the perfect music to listen to while doing other work due to its unobtrusiveness and overall ambient aesthetic.

The album starts off with the song “guarded” which captures that ambient and loose vibe perfectly. From the first second of the song, the music can be described as almost opening its arms to the audience. The song is asking to be listened to and this motif is continued throughout the 47-minute album.

One of the songs that isn’t as ambient is more poppy sounding is the fourth track entitled, “where do you go”. This song has a catchy melody with a nice rhythmic cadence. The synth patches used on this cut is a little heavier than the previous songs but they still give the song a warmer sound. The piece also features electric guitar more prominently than other songs. This song is definitely a standout track.

The lyrical content of the album discusses many different emotions and struggles in everyday life. While some lyrics may be poetic, the ambient vibe of the music makes the lyrics not particular memorable and certainly not the focus.

What sets this album apart from other albums and artists in this genre is the vibe of the drums. While most of the album has more of a flowing element and a loose feel, the drums have a live sound and one that really ties the music together in a different light. Without the drums this album would venture more towards a generic pop sound.

A definite low point in the album is the track “back again”. While the melody for the chorus gets stuck in your head, the lyrics are extremely whispery and unappealing to listen to. Although the song has a big build-up in the middle, it doesn’t really hit the listener as hard as the other tracks. This track feels like it was one that was thrown together based off of the formula of some of the other songs on the album rather than being an inspired original.

Overall, this album is one of the most consistent ones of recent from any artist in the genre. If you enjoy what you hear on the first track, you will most likely enjoy the whole entire record. However, the album is lacking in volume with the bass. It was mixed a little low but other than that, there aren’t really any other hitches. Flor’s debut album should be strongly recommended to anyone who is a fan of similar bands in the same vein such as COIN, The band CAMINO and Night Riots.



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The lyrics are strong there is nothing wrong with the lyrics. This is the greatest indie rock album I’ve ever heardd


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