LANY – ‘Malibu Nights’ Album Review

Photo Credit: James Logan Courier

LANY’s latest release of music brings struggle and heartbreak to forefront with Malibu Nights. This dreamy album deals with emotions that are an unfortunate reality for many people. After an intense tour, the group produced their second album in 45 days.

LANY has captured the ears of fans since they entered the music arena in 2014. Paul Jason Klein is the lead singer with Jake Goss on the drums, and Les Priest producing the synths. Since their beginning, the band has explored synth-pop. Earlier this year, Klein broke up with his girlfriend, pop singer Dua Lipa. Malibu Nights put the relationship under greater public scrutiny, as it was the topic of discussion. This album asks the question, “What do you do with a broken heart?”

Even though the album sounds upbeat, its lyrical message is quite the opposite. Tracks in the album explore denial, regret, depression, and acceptance. Malibu Nights is an album of sorrow-filled nights and unanswered questions. Within the nine tracks, LANY brings this heartfelt concept album to life.

Klein talks about the upsetting confusion of someone leaving a relationship after expressing long-term commitment in the upbeat “Thick and Thin.” “Taking Me Back” has a mellow beat that leads the listener through a lover’s quarrel. Singing of regret and passion over a past action Klein somewhat acknowledges whatever he did wrong. While he sings for acceptance, the unspoken part of the lyrics implies he doesn’t believe the problem was a big deal.

“If You See Her” tells the story of a young man that is grappling with the loss of his girlfriend. He encounters a mutual friend and attempts to tell his side of the story. Klein undermines his girlfriend’s perspective, while admitting he still wants to be her. Forced to accept reality and move on, “I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore” reflects on time spent in an old relationship. Mentioning things like “chocolate-covered eyes,” “dark hair,” and times spent in London are all references to Klein’s ex- girlfriend.

“Let Me Know” is a sweet song serenading a lover after an argument. This song has the most desire for the past relationship by admitting he would return to his ex. “Run” brings the power of a hurt lover frustrated with their ex. When hearing information about an ex, Klein sings through his feelings of anger, disbelief, and near-pity.

“Valentine’s Day” is an interesting perspective on life after moving on from a relationship. Dating, flirting, or even showing emotions are difficult to do with someone after a rough break up. “Thru These Tears” opens up about the pain of a break up and progresses through to finding a way to let it go.

“Malibu Nights” is a beautiful closing track to the album. Getting rid of the synth production, the song focuses on the lyrics and soft instrumentation. The piano remains a constant soft force that blends into drums and more. This slow ballad builds on paralyzing emotion and demoralizing willpower.

The emotional level of Malibu Nights is high as bandleader Klein seeks closure from his breakup. It gives a glimpse into one side of the relationship. You can hear sadness, longing, and frustration throughout the album. Whether it’s the synth-heavy instruments or the soul-aching lyrics, LANY’s emo-synth breakup ballads bring a shared sense of comfort from relationship heartbreaks.


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