Bazzi – ‘Cosmic’ Album Review

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Michigan native Bazzi’s 2018 debut release Cosmic is probably one of the most underrated LP’s of 2018. The album comes off of the mega success of universal breakout single “Mine” a seductive mid-tempo jam lovers around the globe fell in love with (The song even attracted the likes of pop stars Taylor Swift and Ellen DeGeneres). In hindsight, the track sets the tone for what Bazzi is all about on Cosmic. Delivering a perfect blend of young lust, self-awareness and reflections of love.

By nature, the young crooner is expressive and reflective, similar to Canadian rapper Drake. Mixed with the style and vocal talents of pop prince Justin Bieber.  Take for example, the cool and fun swagger of the up-tempo track “Myself” where he confidently boasts, “I’m better by myself, I don’t need no one else,” or the engaging sexually charged vibratos of “Cartier”. He teams up with the charming Camilla Cabello, who absolutely nails it vocally on the sweet follow-up single “Beautiful”. 

However, through listening to Cosmic it is evident that Bazzi is a respectful ladies man at heart. Albeit, still a youngster at 21-years-old, his love for a woman’s worth is telling. He serenades through tracks like “Dreams”, as he echoes his vision of his ideal perfect woman, “Girl, I was cold for a while, now I’m something new.” or on the inspiring “Soarin”, (another standout track) he is encouraging and real as he sings, “Found love in empty bottles // I guess we’ll never learn // So just lay with me, lay me late til’ morning // Cause I’m high and you high, and together we soarin’.” On “Star” you could see every teenage girl falling head over heels as he smoothly croons, “I can see it all now // You could be bigger than your fantasies // Standing right next to me.”

Probably his most passionately charged track on his debut, “Honest” touches on a past relationship scorned by infidelity on the part of a best friend and a former lover. Hence, this is where the baby-faced crooner is at his best. For a new artist, he invokes emotion the way great artists should. Bazzi’s ability to express himself, but in a fun lighthearted way without judgment is where he stands out and shines the most. This is something very few are able to do.

As a result, in a sea of watered down pop-star wannabe’s, Bazzi shines! His sound does tend to get redundant on tracks like “Gone” and “Fantasy” but with time he will be able to work on and become more comfortable with his craft. Whether he is confessing his love of Hennessy or his feelings of lost love, this guy makes you feel him! And that is what music is supposed to do.

Written By: DeShonna Watson

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