MMM Top Ten: 10 EDM Artists You Should be Listening to in 2023

Stuck in a music rut? Are your ears craving something new and exciting? Or are you on the lookout for the latest trends and freshest faces in the EDM scene? Whatever the reason we’ve got you covered with 10 up-and-coming EDM artists you should be listening to!

#10. Ace Aura

Photo Credit: Insomniac

The faith-influenced producer and DJ is best known for his heavy, chord-driven take on dubstep. His music has kicked off the color bass movement in dubstep, as he uses his relationship with religion to explore unifying themes in his music. Hear his innovative blend of melodic-ridden chords and uplifting bass, on his latest track “I’ll Be Waiting” featuring NAZAAR and vocalist Dani King.

#9. CHYL

Photo Credit: artbygoldie

CHYL is a Los Angeles-based EDM producer and DJ who is quickly making a name for herself in the scene as a pioneer of 150bpm speed house. Her infectious personality comes through in her energetic tracks and sexy sound. If you need a feel-good song to strut your stuff to “Boom Boom” is a must listen.

#8. JVNA 

Photo Credit: Insomniac

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist JVNA’s productions walk the line of light and dark, twisting electronic pop with a hard melodic bass. Her first few viral hits included game and anime remixes, the influences of which can be seen in her later work. Her newest release “The World Is Mine,” is reminiscent of a magical girl transformation sequence with all the elements of JVNA’s signature style.

#7. Freya Fox 

Photo Credit: Courtesy of LA3C

Professional gamer, streamer, influencer, and musician, Freya Fox is capable of doing it all. After a five-year music hiatus, where she focused on gaming and found success as a Twitch streamer, she returned to the EDM scene jumping back into production and live performance. Her music blends heavy bass with kawaii vibes that you can hear for yourself on her single, “I’m Too Free.” 

#6. Juelz 

Photo Credit: Insomniac

This Vancouver-based producer has spent the last three years crafting a discography that effortlessly fuses hip-hop and electronic elements. His culturally diverse upbringing and classical violin training have given him a rock-solid foundation for his songwriting and production skills. His latest release “Moondance,” which features vocals written mostly by him, leans into his pop side and explores his undeniable talent. 

#5. Knock2 

Photo Credit: Insomniac

Another SoCal bass enthusiast, Knock2 is a man of many talents. He rose through the ranks with his catalog of flips and remixes, showcasing his ability to produce anything from trap to house, while keeping his signature volatile and abrasive sound. His energy and originality are unmatched, as shown in “dashstar*,” a track featuring his rippling highs and thundering lows, solidified with earth-shattering drums.

#4. ISOxo

Photo Credit: Insomniac

This San Diego native’s exhilarating rise disrupted the bass music scene collaborating with industry giant RL Grime in 2021. The song quickly became one of the most DJ-supported tracks of the year and has been streamed over 4 million times. After releasing his freshman EP, Nightrealm, the industry’s eyes were on him as he was dubbed a breath of fresh air and an up-and-coming artist to watch. ISOxo’s “Angels Landing” showcases his celestial sound and unique twist of trap and color bass. 


Photo Credit: Insomniac

IMANU is a French DJ, producer, and musician who started his journey at the age of 14-years-old after being exposed to trance and progressive house music. Just two years later he started to produce drum and bass, which led to him getting signed at 16-years-old. His highly distinctive and technical brutalist sound comes through in “Empress” from his highly acclaimed debut album. 

#2. Apashe  

Photo Credit: Xavier Cyr

Apashe is a Belgian-born producer who currently resides in Canada, and has spent nearly two decades creating music infused with his signature gritty baseline and hip-hop, neurofunk, and electro influences. Before his own music began to kick off, Apashe co-produced the sound design for video games (Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, Far Cry) and various Ubisoft gaming trailers. Fast forward to the present, his music has been used in a wide array of movie and series trailers. For a taste of his ‘majestic’ sound tune into “I’m Fine.”

#1. A Hundred Drums

Photo Credit: Xavier Cyr

For over a decade, Gabrielle Watson has cultivated a sound that embodies experimental hip-hop, psychedelic bass, and indigenous hand drums. Her music explores the struggles of being Black in America which stands out in a genre filled with superficial party music. Check out her 2022 release “If I Have To” featuring vocals from SAULE and A Hundred Drums’ trance-inducing bass and out-of-this-world synths.

Written by: Q. Preston

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