Peach Tree Rascals – ‘I Can’t Wait For You To Come My Way’ EP Review

Photo Credit: Stefan Kohli

Peach Tree Rascals is a Los Angeles-based band formed in 2018, consisting of mostly second-generation children of immigrants. The members consist of Dominic Pizano, Issac Pech, Tarrek Abdel-Khaliq, Joseph Barros and Jorge Olazaba. The group first tasted fame after their 2019 single “Mariposa”, which went on to become viral on Tiktok, being used and played over a million times by users worldwide. Peach Tree Rascals only have been making music together since 2018, but since their formation they have gained about 7.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Standing at just 20-minutes in length, their six-track EP titled I Can’t Wait For You To Come My Way is made for people who want to listen to catchy songs on a loop.

The group describes its music to be a mix of alternative jazz, funk and hip-hop and cite various artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, the Beatles and John Mayer as inspiration. On paper, they come off as a boy-band, while their music offers a more profound potential, which will shape up into something fruitful considering the potential they have shown in their sound production. Their vocals are mostly post-punk and their instrumentation tends to create a sense of euphoria. Snappy rhythmic drumbeats with a mildly intense guitar offer a happy-go-lucky set of tracks that drifts us away from the heaviness that life carries. With their diverse blend of musical influences, they end up producing music that serves only one purpose; providing good vibes.

Releasing only singles up until August 21st, they have put together six songs that manage to fit perfectly together for the group’s debut EP I Can’t Wait For You To Come My Way. Considering it is their first full-fledged project, it certainly raises some expectations for fans and critics alike. The first track is their smash hit, “Mariposa.” The lyrics feel intimate, accompanied by a groovy drumbeat, smooth guitar chords and playful riffs. The lyrics are as follows: “I can’t wait for you // To come my way // I’ve been far away // But I’ll keep runnin’ // Just to find a way to you til’ then.” The words chosen kind of describe their own journey towards the song that rewarded them the most in their career. With over 95 million streams on Spotify and over 30 million views on YouTube, this is what put the band on the map. As for the video, it has an intimate, almost voyeuristic touch to it, as if it is an aesthetic documentary. With addictively catchy lyrics, the song is one for multiple repeated listens.

It is followed by the track “I’m Sorry”, which is a slight contrast providing a more indie rock feel with glimpses of acoustic guitars followed by a bass and drum driven beat. It is clear that the band is capable of writing grounded lyrics that are elevated by the precise low-fi sound of guitar: “Hold my pride when I go outside // Tell my mama I’ll be home on time // Come on (come on) mmm, come on (come on, come on) // Wash my soul, all the drugs I did // Can’t go back to the place I’ve been // I’m sorry.” Then, we land upon “Deer”, “Mango” and ‘Glide” where we see the aforementioned influences of Frank Ocean, John Mayer, and Kendrick Lamar as they weave in free-flowing R&B and hip-hop inspired sounds into the mix, while also maintaining a sense of originality and authenticity to their credit.

It starts to make sense that Peach Tree Rascals are still in the pursuit of finding their voice as they attempt to continue creating a sound that is unique to them, even with the myriad of influences they make use of. The “feel-good” vibe they present us with doesn’t feel forced or overbearing at any point, and it is due to the distinctive sound that they are attempting to perfect. Despite the post-breakup themes that carry on the song “Violet’, the atmosphere they create through the sound immediately contradicts the sad lyrics overlapping with it.

To be honest, it is hard to have criticism on a 20-minute project that has an unpretentious, optimistic air to it. I Can’t Wait For You To Come My Way is a wholesome mood-pleaser in every sense of the word. It brings a fresh, fun and impressionable sound that will surely carry the torch for the band into the more mainstream part of the music industry.

Written by: Masud Zaman

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