Kareen Lomax: The Rising Star We’ve Been Looking For

Lomax KareenPhoto Credit: Donté Maurice

Kareen Lomax is an emerging singer and songwriter with a deep, soulful voice. With a quick burst to stardom and the resulting lull, it inspired Kareen to refocus her music ambitions. With intentions to do it right a second time around, Kareen is preparing to surge ahead of the rest. Living in Marietta, Georgia, the singer learned to play the guitar and started singing tracks she liked. With a $50 ad on Facebook, she advertised the track, “Melatonin.” The upbeat nu-soul of the track fits on playlists from artists in the same genre. In a very short period of time, Kareen gained hundreds of thousands of streams from listeners. However, the young artist couldn’t handle the rush of it all and returned to her previous life.

In 2017, “Been In Love” was released around the same time and has a soft side to it. The indie sound combined with Kareen’s vocals creates a feeling that can be enjoyed in dance parties throughout the world. Lomax released the track “Clothes” as a follow-up. This slow-winding track layers vocals over a chillwave beat. 2020 brought fresh insight to Kareen as a musician when Diplo decided to work with her. Paul Woolford and Diplo’s resulting song, “Looking For Me” featured Kareen’s vocals. The club song garnered an insane amount of attention to the songwriter and singer.


Kareen was recording music in a cabin in Georgia and also in the city when someone presented her with a beat for a new song. She instantly connected with it, and it became the next single released. “Hard Feelings” is a song that expresses Kareen’s mental and physical state. The song represents Lomax’s reflection of her stardom. Lyrically the song confronts issues Kareen had about the music industry, friends, and relationships. Kareen announced that there would be a project centered around “Hard Feelings.”

Kareen Lomax’s enticing voice has been something that has drawn listeners in as soon as they heard it. Music from the rising artist has an intimate feeling to it. With such a fresh chance to jump back into music again, we’re expecting Kareen Lomax to bounce back better than ever.

Written by: Carlton Rolle

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