Holly Humberstone: Anything but Overkill

HollyHumberstone_Photo Credit: Courtesy of the artist

Holly Humberstone is a musician from Grantham, England. She has quickly gained fans through utilizing her personal lyrics and storytelling. Growing up, Holly’s family encouraged her to explore her creativity. She took several music-based classes and started playing the piano. She would practice writing lyrics for a song and sing the songs she wrote to her family. Thus far, Holly’s songs have been geared towards the pop genre but with a darker twist. Her lyrics feel authentic and add subtle details to her overall style.

Holly’s music has a refreshing spin to it that listeners can relate to. By singing about deeply personal issues, she has been able to find a footing in the heavily saturated pop industry. When compared to the pop genre as a whole, her music stands out due to its rawness and heavier sound. The hit show BBC Introducing featured Holly on an episode in 2017. BBC Music brought Holly back to perform on stage in 2019 at the Glastonbury Festival. Touring next to other popular artists combined with switching between having a band and playing acoustic helped Holly gain confidence in her music while exploring other ways of connecting with larger audiences.


On January 30, 2020, Holly released her first single “Deep End.” The song reflects on mental health issues her and her siblings have endured. The song is also a part of Spotify’s ‘Fundraising Pick’ which donates funds to a charity for those who suffer from mental health issues. “Falling Asleep At The Wheel” was released on March 19, 2020. The piano and synth on this song add to a sonic experience with Holly’s honest lyrics. Holly sings about the pressures of life and the vices that some people may use to numb the pain.

“Deep End” and “Falling Asleep At The Wheel” has amassed over 6 million streams on Spotify. With connections to other popular UK artist like Lewis Capaldi, Damien Rice, and Niall Horan, Holly Humerstone’s songs will be streamed for a while to come. “Overkill” made its public debut on June 26, 2020. The song compares the use of drinking alcohol and being in a relationship. “Overkill” explores the middle ground between telling someone you like them and not scaring them away with too much heavy emotion.

Holly Humberstone’s vulnerable songs and approach to music has shown that she is only getting started with what she has to offer and tell her audience. While touring with other popular UK artists, preparing to release her first EP, and currently having a second EP in the works, Holly isn’t planning to stop any time soon. Holly Humberstone has the potential to elevate pop music to another level with her sweet voice, raw talent and her authenticity.

Written by: Carlton Rolle

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