Betty Who: Pop Music and Self Empowerment at its Finest

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Jessica Anne Newham was born on October 5, 1991, in Sydney, Australia. Since she was four, Jessica trained as a cellist. In her teen years, she moved to Michigan to attend Interlochen Center for the Arts. Jessica taught herself to play the piano and guitar and after becoming comfortable with her writing skills, she began performing. Jessica adopted the stage name Betty Who after writing one of her first songs at the age of 16.

Jessica went to Berkley College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. She met a producer named Peter Thomas who thought his style of production fit Jessica’s vocals well. After years of creating and fine-tuning, Jessica premiered her debut single, “Somebody Loves You”, which was released in November 2012. The free-to-download song gathered a lot of press and notoriety via popular blogger Arjan Writes. On April 17, 2013, Betty Who released her debut four-track EP, The Movement. As an independent record, the free-to-download EP earned the new artist spotlight in various media outlets and by September of the same year, she signed to RCA Records.

Slow Dancing became the artist’s second EP released on April 8, 2014. The five-track record features Betty Who with a refined sound from her previous release. Lead single “Heartbreak Dream” is a sad story over a dreamy melody. In June, Betty Who released EP number three, Worlds Apart. The EP helped to generate a bigger anticipation for a full-length project. Betty Who released her debut studio album Take Me When You Go on October 3, 2014. The 13-track album covers love in relationships from a variety of angles but it represents Betty Who’s love for herself more than anything else.


March 2017 saw the release of Betty Who’s The Valley. The lead single from the album was a cover of Donna Lewis’ famous hit “I Love You Always Forever.” The second single “Human Touch” kept the momentum going for her fans to enjoy. With great critic reception and stellar streaming numbers from numerous platforms, the 13-track album gave Betty Who solid footing into her musical style. At the end of the year, Betty Who decided to leave RCA Records to become an independent artist. She later released the EP Betty Pt. 1 in June 2018.

On February 15, 2019, the artist released her third album, Betty. The album was released through the independent record label AWAL. “Ignore Me” and “Taste” were the first two singles for the album, but the lead single became “Between You & Me.” By the end of the year, the song had over half a million streams. Betty made several international music charts. As a pop star, Who constantly pushes herself to be upfront and honest. Her ability to be critically engaging with lyrics and combine them with upbeat melodies allows Betty Who to be the blissful pop sensation that she is.

Written By: Carlton Rolle

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