MMM Staff Picks: Steve Trager’s Top of the 2010s Captured Through a Camera Lens

Photo Credit: Steve Trager

As I look back on a rich decade in music, it’s hard to narrow down all of the great shows I have attended as a music journalist. I’ve been given once in a lifetime opportunities at several concerts to capture images spanning over the last ten years that have become some of the greatest moments of my life. While I was asked to write about my top favorite albums of the decade of music overall, I instead thought about sharing some images from artists that have become a staple of popularity. These bands and musicians were captured through my lenses and cameras from the 2010’s.

It is quite hard to say which I enjoyed most from which tour or what band because I have so many favorites. I’ve collected piles and stacks worth of copies of music physically and I even have had the opportunity to get a lot of my merchandise signed by these famous artists. I have also been fortunate enough to have seen the last show with Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers, the last show with Chester Bennington with Linkin Park and Chris Cornell with Soundgarden and Scott Weiland who was the signature voice behind Stone Temple Pilots.

As a music enthusiast behind a camera, it is safe to say that I listen to and love a lot of different styles of music. From popular country artists, to extreme metal bands Like Slipknot and everything in between, a lot of these experiences have been nothing short of spectacular live. It’s been a wild ride in music throughout this past decade, and though I can’t always be everywhere at one point, I can say that these shows and memories in music last a lifetime. The photo gallery I’ve pieced together are just some highlights over the past ten years. These memories can now be published, shared and appreciated here for all of you fellow music fans to admire.

Written By: Steve Trager

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