Camila Cabello – ‘Romance’ Album Review

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Romance is the second studio album from pop singer Camila Cabello. Released on December 6, 2019, through labels Epic and Syco, Romance sets the stage for listeners and fans of the pop singer to dive into the depths of her personal life. The album covers the heart-gushing experience of love. Camila sings about sex, heartbreak, love and more using her pop inspired voice to share her personal experiences. Much of the album is inspired by Camila’s relationship with fellow pop singer Shawn Mendes.

Romance has 14 tracks on the album that follows Camila’s current relationship journey. The sound and vibe of the album is in very much in the same vein her good friend and follow musician Taylor Swift’s aesthetic. Whether talking about newfound feelings, dreaming of something more, or reflecting on older experiences, Camila is direct about the feelings that she expresses on Romance.

The intro to the album “Shameless” explains how Camila is unapologetic about what she wants from her love interest. “Living Proof” is a slow-steady song with a catchy chorus that makes the track standout on this album. Camila’s high-pitch vocals in “Should’ve Said It” bring the feelings of regret in a situation to the conversation. “My Oh My” features artist DaBaby and is one of the few songs that present a less than perfect relationship of someone that is spending time with another person who is interested in physically hooking up. “Senorita” is a sweet duet that features vocals from her boyfriend Shawn Mendes. The single generated a lot of interest for fans of both of the artists.

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“Liar” is a Latin-inspired song that has a heavy bump-and-grind feeling song. “Easy” is a song about how simple it is for two people to be in love with each other. This sweet rocking sound can be soothing on the ears. “Feel It Twice” brings the emotions of empathizing with an ex that misses her, but she’s moved on. Listeners realize this even more with the next track. Pulling from the experience of trusting a new lover, “Dream Of You” is a soft ballad that keeps the feeling going. The song that reflects pain after an ex has moved on is, “Cry for Me”.

Camila slows things down again with the song, “This Love.” The track brings more flair to Camila’s usual pop sound. “Used To This” is a follow-up sultry slow jam that makes further references to her new lover Mendes. The last song of the album is “First Man” which is about the love that Camila has for a new guy. She sings about her joy to her father explaining that her new love may be “the one.”

As the sophomore album in her discography, Romance is a much stronger release than Cabello’s debut. Camila utilizes the experiences from her personal life to bring to the forefront of her music. Much like a diary that becomes a performance, Romance shows off the emotions and thoughts that Camila has encountered throughout her entire life. While Romance definitely brings the heat to Camila’s lineup, it doesn’t get too hot or steamy. Rather, listeners of the album will likely be able to fall in love and appreciate the more sentimental side of Cabello.

Written by: Carlton Rolle

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