King Princess: Taking the Throne

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Mikaela Straus was born on December 19, 1998, in Brooklyn, New York. Mikaela’s great-great-grandfather was a co-founder of the retail chain Macy’s and died when the Titanic sunk. Her father was a recording engineer and owner of a music studio. Straus spent a lot of her childhood with her father at Mission Sound Studio. While there, she learned how to play several instruments including piano, bass, guitar, and drums. Being in the studio also gave the young lady the opportunity to understand the business behind the music.

When she was only 11-years-old, Virgin Records label offered her a deal, but she declined. Through watching the struggles of other artists, Mikaela knew that she wanted to have authority over her creative direction and the music. Straus gives credit to motivating rock artists like Led Zeppelin, T. Rex, and Jack White as some of her influences. After completing high school, Mikaela moved to Los Angeles to study at USC Thornton School of Music. Before she entered her second year of school, Mikaela dropped out to pursue music.

Straus released her debut single “1950” in February 2018. The song is inspired by the book The Prince of Salt and love in the LGBTQ community. The song generated fans from various plays from celebrities online. To date, it has been streamed over 300 million times on Spotify. In April, King Princess released her second single “Talia.” Later in the year, “Pussy is God” was released as a standalone single.


Mark Ronson’s label Zelig signed King Princess. She later featured on Mark Ronson’s song “Pieces of Us.” On June 15 2018, King Princess released her EP Make My Bed. Her debut studio album Cheap Queen came to the public on October 25, 2019. The 13-tracks on the album features several singles such as “Prophet,” “Ain’t Together,” and “Hit the Back.” The pop album delves into emotions like confidence, love, loyalty, and mistrust. Reflecting on the women who have broken her heart, Cheap Queen is a personal journey for King Princess.

King Princess has won listeners over by her open, expressive lyrics and androgynous style. It feels like this young artist is reaching out to see who else is searching for authenticity in a world full of closeted love. As this new artist connects with her pop sound and lifestyle of openness, listeners can grow to expect more liberating anthems from the artist. Be prepared and watch as a new queer icon has come to take the throne, King Princess.

WRITTEN BY: Carlton Rolle

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