VHS Collection: Appreciating Independent Fame

VHS CollectionPhoto Credit: Marcus Maschwitz

VHS Collection is an indie rock band that is composed of three members: Conor Cook, James Bohannon, and Nils Vanderlip. Hailing from New York City, this band is creating a name for itself by utilizing the power of resources. The independent band has a manager that oversees their bookings, and with their consistent record, the indie rock jams of VHS Collection will continue to play for years to come.

Conor and James’ relationship goes back to middle school. The two attended the same middle school and later on James met Nils in high school. The three young men came together and started creating music. James is the lead vocalist for VHS Collection. Conor is the lead guitar and synthesizers. He also produces the band’s music. Nils is covers the keys, guitar, and synthesizers as well.

The band’s name is a play-off of the memories associated with VHS movies. During one of the camping trips the guys had, they were having a jam session and someone noticed a collection of VHS tapes. The name stuck afterward. VHS Collection secured several gigs and grew their fan base from there. By 2015, VHS Collection was performing at events throughout New York City. Oddly enough, the band didn’t have any music released during the time.

VHS Collection Promo Photo

Towards the end of 2015, VHS Collection released their first single “Lean”. On December 14, 2015 the band released their debut EP, VHS Collection. The tracks generated interest from fans and critics. “Lean” quickly rose on streaming music charts. The songs “Ghost,” “The Longest Drive,” and “Waiting on the Summer” were released the following year during the summer and fall. “Waiting on Summer” is currently the most streamed song the band has on Spotify with over twenty-eight million streams. On September 30, 2016 Stereo Hype became the second EP VHS Collection released. In 2017 the band gained more interest as they released several additional singles. “Wide Awake” and “So I Met Someone” was released in the spring, while “Fire” and “Sign” were in the fall.

On November 2, 2018, the band released Retrofuturism. Pulling from the essence of ‘80s music, the album blends rock and pop together using electronic sounds. The 12-tracks bring a sense of nostalgia in the alternative rock community. Chris Zane and Tony Hoffer produced the album with concepts that range from love to deep isolation. The group will be on their Retrofuturism tour for most of 2019. While VHS Collection is an independent band, they are represented by the Creative Artists Agency.

The indie rock, pop, electro genre blend of VHS Collection’s songs have kept loyal fans listening to the music for years. As an independent group, the band has been able to stay true to their craft while racking in the rewards from their work. Working hard to create music and perform it, VHS Collection is appreciating their newfound celebrity status.

WRITTEN BY: Carlton Rolle


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