Social House – ‘Everything Changed…’ EP Review

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Social House delivered their debut EP titled Everything Changed… to end the summer with some bangers from the multi-talented group. The duo, Mikey and Scootie, moved to LA from Pittsburg and went right to work; writing and producing some top charted songs, as well as working with hit artists like Jennifer Lopez, Meghan Trainor, Chris Brown, Ariana Grande and more. The two were encouraged by peers and others in the music industry to collaborate and create a music project of their own. So, in mid 2018, the duo released their debut single “Magic in the Hamptons” featuring rapper Lil Yachty. The song successfully has over seventy million streams on Spotfiy which led to the release of their second single titled “Higher” a couple of months later. Social House is currently on tour with Ariana Grande as an opening act performing Everything Changed… with Grande as the only feature.

The six-track EP gives feels of trap-pop and R&B, with addictive beat productions along with lyrics that are somewhat reminiscent to that of The Weeknd. The EP opens up with a smooth guitar mellow beat, then later adds pop vibes and harmony on the track titled, “At least We Can Say That We Tried”. The lyrics are heard as a saving grace to a falling relationship that Social House has recently comes to terms with and wishes to end. They sing “Honestly, this might be kinda painful // We should put it all out on the table // Bad news and I’m the one to break it // How the fuck can I even explain it? // I’ve been thinking maybe we should break up // Ain’t no conversation gonna save us // I really hope you hearing what I’m sayin’ // No hard feelings, right? // At least we could say that we tried.”

Social House EP

The second song titled “Haunt You” keeps the same kind of vibe and rhythm as the first song. The whole EP is completely cohesive and ultimately sounds like one long song. “Haunt You” could actually be the sequel to “At Least We Can Say That We Tried” because Social House now sings about a past relationship or something that is no longer and the memories from it are now haunting them. The chorus sings, “Never thought something so beautiful could haunt you // Haunt you, haunt you // Better off this way, but I want you // Want you, want you // Sometimes, I just wanna f*cking call you // Call you, call you // Never thought something beautiful could haunt you // Haunt you, haunt you.” The song was also the due’s first released single from the EP.

The third and fourth tracks titled “Why You Always Gotta Start Something” and “Love Me Back” leave the guitar sounds and lean more towards trap and bass feels. The fifth track titled “Boyfriend” featuring Ariana Grande is the second single off of Everything Changed… and it became a major hit. “Boyfriend” became a top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and topped the Rolling Stone 100, achieving both in its debut week. The song also was nominated and won ‘Song of the Summer’ at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards. The charming pop track serves as a relatable song to a relationship that wants to be exclusive, but without the title. The final song on the EP titled “Tropical Rain” is a song that provides a reminiscent feeling of the feel good ‘80s era with a touch of inspiration from Michael Jackson.

Overall vibe of this EP could be considered pop with a splash of R&B. It is truly an impressive debut for the two producers, as the majority of tracks on the EP are reasonably good, and even some songs making a big debut on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Some critics are predicting Social House’s future to be short lived, and really do not see them branching far without Ariana Grande’s help. However, this duo is doing far more than critics ever perceived. They may not have a big debut album out yet, but hey, maybe Social House have found a solid lane with their EPs.

Written By: Nonye Ojibe

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