H.E.R. : A Lifetime of Preparation as R&B’s Hottest Commodity

a03c4767-652d-4108-869b-45b55eac990c-Grammys013Photo Credit: Victoria Will / Invision

H.E.R. is the artistic moniker of the GRAMMY Award winning contemporary R&B artist, Gabriella Wilson. An acronym for: Having Everything Revealed, H.E.R. signifies the “evolution of woman” and represents a nameless, pure message of womanhood. Gabriella, a child prodigy, competitor on Radio Disney’s The Next BIG Thing, and premiere talent of RCA records, has kept herself relatively out of the spotlight. Instead, she focuses the media and her listeners on the authenticity and inherent substance of her music. As a multi-instrumentalist, Gabriella finds her passion behind the mic, on keyboard, guitar, bass, and the drums. H.E.R.’s music is an ode to heartbreak and the tribulations of love and relationships.

At 21, H.E.R. has experienced a lifetime of music and creativity. Her father, also a musician, has supported Gabriella in her rise through the ranks. As a young artist, shaping and sculpting her image, Gabriella took inspiration from artists such as Alicia Keys and Janet Jackson, studying their material, careers, and offstage work ethic. A believer in artist development, H.E.R. takes pride in the progression of her persona and signature musical style, having the unique opportunity of one on one contact with many of her musical idols, stating, “I just learned from them and eventually found myself and waited my turn and now it’s paying off.”


In the face of fame, Wilson states that she has always been “private and low-key” in her life, and that her family, friends, and peers are keeping her “grounded and that’s all they can do, really.” A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Gabriella looks forward to touring for the rest of her life and making a mark in the music industry. H.E.R. is an outlet, a voice for women, to empower women and to make the disenfranchised feel like; they are not alone in the things they go through. The sincerity of personal reflection and acknowledgement of truth in life pervades her music and is inflected in her voice.

In 2017, H.E.R. released a debut compilation album, H.E.R., consisting of songs from two previous EPs, and an additional six songs. As an accolade, H.E.R. won a GRAMMY Award for Best R&B Album and received four other nominations, including Album of the Year and Best New Artist. 2018 featured two more EPs, a series named I Used to Know Her, elaborating on her jaded perspective of love. 2019 has led to the performance of her single, “Hard Place”, at the 61st GRAMMY Awards, a well received and deserved spotlight on her contribution to modern R&B.

In essence, H.E.R. is a self-empowered, bold, new face, for a generation of music fans looking to delve into a feverish world of love and turmoil. There is no taking back the impression H.E.R. has given the world, poised and ready to take over the reins as R&B’s hottest commodity. As a multi-instrumentalist, soaring vocalist, and a tight package, both aesthetically and professionally, H.E.R is an artist everyone should listen to this year.


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