YUNGBLUD: Politically Conscious Music from the Heart

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Born as Dominic Harrison from Doncaster, England, Yungblud is a punk rock artist committed to empowering those who feel like they don’t have a voice. This 20-year-old is making headlines and setting himself apart in the music industry. His blend of punk rock and hip-hop is contributing to the growth of his fan base as of late. Yungblud uses music as a vessel to talk about issues that personally affect him and the issues and stories of others.

Before coming out as a musician, Dominic was a recurring character on Disney’s The Lodge. In the show, he played as Oz the front man of a band. Dominic was only on the show for one season. Afterward he made another appearance on Disney’s The Squeeze. Like many stars from Disney, Dominic gained a path to stardom in music.

In his artistry, Yungblud believes that it’s important to speak your mind and stand up for what’s right. Many of his songs are motivated by the drive to speak up. 21st Century Liability is Yungblud’s debut album that attempts to connect with what’s going on in today’s climate and the issues that people are currently dealing with. The 12-tracks bring passion to multiple topics, making the songs feel more like anthems than music. In several interviews, Yungblud states that the album is an expression of the thoughts in his head. 21st Century Liability explores social issues like gun control and prescription drugs, while also showing his vulnerable side to his personal fears and insecurities.


“Polygraph Eyes” is a song that reflects on toxic masculinity and sexual assault. This is a topic that is close to the artist and women empowerment with the #MeToo movement. In “Medication,” Yungblud talks about the effects of technology on people’s state of being. The song alludes to social media and alcohol/drugs as coping mechanisms. One of his most popular songs, “I Love You, Will You Marry Me” is a song motivated by true events. A loving man proposed to his girlfriend using graffiti. Once placed on the building, apartment owners commercialized the graffiti. One of the lovers died and the other was left homeless.

Yungblud recently released a video for his song, “11 Minutes” featuring Halsey. In the video, the artist tries to save the female lead from a fatal car crash. With a Groundhog Day feel to it, the artist goes through different stages of grief. Towards the end of the video, Yungblud focuses on the quality time they had together instead of saving her. Travis Barker from Blink-182, who plays drums on the song, makes an appearance in the video as well.

Yungblud speaks and performs in a manner that represents what today’s youth feels. He’s tired of the divide between people and he is looking to create ways to bring people together. Listeners can hear that from his crafty blend of punk rock, hip-hop, and ska. This politically conscious punk rock artist isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind and in his heart. Yungblud’s high-energy, defiant attitude, and passionate personality will certainly continue to gain the attention of many, adding to his ever-growing fan base.

WRITTEN BY: Carlton Rolle

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