Jesse McCartney – ‘The Resolution Tour’ Concert Review

jesse-mccartney-2018-cr-Grant-Spanier-billboard-1548.jpgPhoto Credit: Grant Spanier

The 90’s became an unparalleled decade of music that has certainly burned a lifetime of a great impression throughout our minds. During this time, individuals who loved and admired pop-stars and all of the glorious talent they had possessed helped to catapult them into limelight, therefore creating household names. Music in general has gone through numerous genre changes in the last few decades; we have often forgotten many boy bands, pop princesses, and music icons that sent our hearts into overdrive with musical melodies.

Out of the limelight for a number of years, Jesse McCartney has bounced back with not only some outstanding new songs, but he has also embarked on a sold out tour called The Resolution Tour. Jesse McCartney was among several break-through artists in the late nineties and early two-thousands that made a name for himself beyond his boy band days with Dream Street.

When you hear rumors drifting through the grapevine about pop culture music artists that once ruled both the stage and MTV at one given time, you think to yourself: how popular can someone still be after disappearing out of the limelight? Well, without pushing this show in Philadelphia on local TV or Radio to make it nearly a complete sell out, the line was still from the doors to the tour buses backstage and down the block. Even in pouring rain nothing stopped admiring fans for a glimpse of the guy that still has that pop-star charm with a gleaming smile that can light up an entire room by himself.


Jesse hit the stage shortly after nine at night to an almost sold out show. The Fillmore has a great balcony, and glancing around pretty quick, you could clearly see there wasn’t an empty seat from side to side. This was certainly an incredible show. He had a wide catalog of songs and it was magical hearing the chorus’ being yelled back at McCartney every time he would point the microphone straight out into the crowd, a few thousands singing their hearts out to every hit song word for word.

The bars were packed and the drinks were flowing, this show was nothing short of greatness, featuring a few new songs like “Better with you” and “Wasted” among past hits from his career as a mega solo artist. While Jesse McCartney still reins the limelight much older now and more mature, he still possesses that pop-star boyish charm with a resilient smile. The show was fast paced, exciting, and provided a set list full of hits. There were new favorites in the mix and there were acoustic versions of songs never performed live before which overall made it a memorable intimate show at the Philadelphia Fillmore.

Written by: Steve Trager


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