COIN: The Youth of Indie

47008219_1842593609201079_7173483832664915968_oPhoto Credit: David O’Donohue

A modern take on new wave, COIN is a splash of paint on the canvas of indie pop heaven. Lyrically direct and musically ambitious, they hold the foreground of the indie/alt scene with poise and affability. Their self titled debut album, COIN, was released in 2015 via Columbia Records. The band’s second album, How Will You Know If You Never Try, hit the charts in 2017 with the commercially successful single, “Talk Too Much”.

As with many talented bands, Nashville natives COIN draw inspiration from classics, citing influence from The Cure, The Ramones, David Bowie, The Talking Heads, and yes, The Strokes. Though they have modernized their sound, they still keep their roots close to heart, now feeling their way amongst other modern indie acts, such as Walk the Moon and Young the Giant.

Having toured with MGMT, COIN has achieved critical success, streaming to nearly two million monthly listeners on Spotify alone. And this is all well, yet the current musical climate is anything but Indie. Top 40 reigns supreme, with Rap, Pop, Electronic, and Country commanding the airwaves. In Boston, the two main indie/alt rock stations, WBCN and WFNX, have been taken over and essentially shut down for years. The indie bands of the 2000’s are still reaching the top of the billboards, but where is all the new talent? The truth is, there are new bands but unfortunately they just lack the originality to stand out.


That’s where new hopefuls of the indie legacy, such as COIN, come into play. Chase Lawrence, the band’s front man, states that their newer work finds freedom in being a 20-something, a point that rings true and clear with their fans. The band appears to be ready to stake their cause as a leading name in indie pop. Yet COIN seems to stay behind the scenes, overshadowed by older indie rock genre heads, such as Foster the People and Vampire Weekend. Let’s hope COIN’s next album breaks out from the indie undercurrents and finds a main shore to stand upon. These guys deserve to be heard.

Nevertheless, they are headed in what appears to be a new direction. COIN has released four singles in 2018 and 2019. Sonically and lyrically matured, “Simple Romance” is a taste of what’s to come. The heightened production value and tighter lyrics lead to a lush and emotional aesthetic, taking COIN’s synth pop vibe to a new level of danceability. Tantalizing lyrics, “Then she’s air in my chest, breathing life in,” sets the tone for their new material. The latest single, “I Want It All”, seems to be an anthem call of a pent up generation, constantly keeping current with technological advances and the stringless nature of modern love.

The band, in a word, has been trying to stay “omnipresent” in their release of new singles. Too young to go on hiatus or exit the spotlight, they have kept their fans appeased with an evolving sound that is relevant, and a true harmonic of modern indie pop culture. The band plans on releasing a new album in spring, 2019.


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