Drake – ‘Scorpion’ Album Review

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Drake’s fifth studio album, Scorpion, created quite a buzz and anitpaction before it was released. Kanye West’s record Label, G.O.O.D music artist, Pusha-T released a diss record towards Drake weeks prior, were he implied Drake was hiding a child from the world, and only planned on revealing him to the public in order to boost his clothing line with Adidas. Also to make matters worst, Pusha-T’s artwork for the diss record titled “Story of Adidon” (Adidon is actually Drake’s son name) showed a younger Drake wearing blackface, makeup typically used by a non-black performer to play a black role in a degrading and/or mocking manner. This surprising information had fans waiting for Drake’s response speaking on such allegations. Drake took a more serious path regarding the blackface photo, having his team release a statement explaining what the picture represented. However, does confirm the rumors around his alleged son in Scorpion.

The 25 tracked album shares the best of both sides of Drake. We get to listen to the more smooth, mellow, R&B side of Drake on songs like “Emotionless”, “Finesse”, and “Don’t Matter to Me” featuring Michael Jackson. Yup, you read that right, the late great King of Pop, Michael Jackson is on Scorpion. We also get to hear from the lyrical bar-dropping side of Drake on tracks like “I’m Upset”, “8 Out of 10”, and “Mob Ties”. Drake gives his perspective of fatherhood and addresses his hidden son by letting the world know his actions were not intentional. He states he was just protecting him from rude opinions and negativity of the world. Drake raps: “I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world, I was hiding the world from my kid / From empty souls who just wake up and look to debate / Until you staring at your seed, you could never relate.”


Regardless of the controversy around the album, Drake has put together another classic body of work filled with chart toppers like “God’s Plan”, “Nice for What”, and “Im Upset”. These singles are also accompanied by quite a few hidden gems like “Blue Tint”, an upbeat tempo produced by South Carolina producer Supah Mario, and “In My Feelings”, a bounce tempo produced by TrapMoneyBenny and Blaqnmild that turned into an internet viral sensation when Instagram star Shiggy hopped out of his car dancing to the song. Others saw his moves and wanted to do the same, turning it into an internet challenge.

Jay-Z is also featured on the track “Talk Up”. This swag driven track has Drake and Jay-Z letting listeners know, when it comes to their money, character, and just about everything else, they have to come correct, because they are not playing any games. Drake raps: “Intentions are pure, they cannot tell me relax / My mentions are jokes, But they never give me the facts / This isn’t that, can’t be ignorin’ the stats / Based off of that, they gotta run me the max.” Jay-Z raps that his clout has the President of the United States tweeting about him with no plans to actually meet. The Roc Nation CEO also states the street game is backwards by killing young rapper XXXTentacion in South Florida, but letting George Zimmerman, the man who innocently killed Trayvon Martin while walking home, live. “I got your president tweeting/ I won’t even meet with him/ Y’all killed X and let Zimmerman live/ Shhi s-streets is done.”

Written By: Nonye Ojibe

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