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Roskilde Festival 2022 Review

Photo Credit: Getty/Roskilde Press The post-festival discussions about the 50th edition of Scandinavia’s biggest festival have mainly dealt with the Strokes’ reportedly awful performance. I, who ended up at the festival thanks to a fortunate coincidence, had to travel back home before the Strokes, and instead of going on about Julien Casablanca’s awkward dialogues for… Read more

Snail Mail – ‘Valentine’ Album Review

Photo Credit: Tina Tyrell Snail Mail is Lindsay Jordan, the latest in a string of solo musicians using as their music moniker what sounds like a band name (and not necessarily a particularly strong or memorable band name, at that). The 22-year-old Ellicott City, Maryland native Jordan might also seem like just another product of… Read more

MMM Staff Picks: Tom Williams’ Top Ten Favorite Albums of 2021

#10. Sam Fender – ‘Seventeen Going Under’ Much of Sam Fender’s first album was inspired by discussions the Geordie singer had at the bar, but when lockdown made that impossible, he was forced to look inwards. As a result, the politicking of his first album is largely (though not entirely) replaced by an introspective look… Read more